This Battle Value worksheet is intended to assist Editors in verifying the Battle Value of BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs. Please feel free to print off this sheet and compare the values given with your own numbers.

Computed values from this worksheet are NOT canon even though they are based on canon information. If the data given here conflicts with a canon publication, the canon publication should be considered the correct source.

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The 100 listed for Armor points and Internal Structure points, and the 14 listed for Heat Points, are placeholders. They don't contribute anything to the formula and should be replaced with the information from the TRO.
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Calculating BV 2.0[edit]

Assumes a MechWarrior with standard Gunnery Skill 4 and Piloting Skill of 5.

Defensive BV[edit]



Total Armor Points:							100
									* 2.5
Commercial Armor:
Yes									* 0.5
No									* 1
ArmorBV									Subtotal A

Chassis & Powerplant[edit]

Total Internal Structure Points:					100
									* 1.5
Industrial Internal Structure:
Yes									* 0.5
No									* 1.0
Engine Type Modifier:
(Select only one engine type)
Standard								* 1.0
Compact									* 1.0
Clan XL/IS Light Engine							* 0.75
IS XL									* 0.5
Chassis&PowerplantBV							Subtotal B


Mech Tonnage:								100
Gyro Type modifier:
Heavy Duty:								* 1.0
Standard/Compact/XL Gyro:						* 0.5
Gyro BV									Subtotal C

Defensive Equipment[edit]

AMS:									+ 32
AMS Ammo:								+ (11 * ammunition tonnage)
AMS Ammo (Clan):							+ (22 * ammunition tonnage)
A-Pod:									+ (1 * # of pods)
B-Pod:									+ (2 * # of pods)
Beagle Active Probe:							+ 10
Guardian ECM Suite:							+ 61
Clan Active Probe:							+ 12
Clan Light Active Probe:						+ 7
Defensive Equipment BV							Subtotal D

Ammunition/Gauss Weapon Explosion Potential[edit]

Only one of these can apply.

Clan 'Mechs[edit]

Each critical slot of explosive ammo in CT, H, Legs: 			-15
Each critical slot of Gauss Weapon in CT, H, Legs: 			-1
Ammunition/Gauss Explosion BV						Subtotal E

IS 'Mech w/Standard/Light Engine[edit]

Each critical slot of explosive ammo in:
 CT, H, Legs, or Torso not protected by CASE: 				-15
 Arm whose corresponding torso lacks CASE: 				-15
Each critical slot of Gauss Weapons in:
 CT, H, Legs, or Torso not protected by CASE: 				-1
 Arm whose corresponding torso lacks CASE: 				-1
Ammunition/Gauss Explosion BV						Subtotal E

IS 'Mech w/XL Engine[edit]

Each critical slot of explosive ammo in any location: 			-15
Each critical slot of Gauss Weapon in any location:			-1
Ammunition/Gauss Explosion BV						Subtotal E

Defensive Factor[edit]

Find the 'Mech's highest possible targeting modifier from movement, stealth armor, etc. Compare to Defensive Factor Modifier Table TechManual, page 315. BattleMaster with TSM can move a maximum of 8 hexes when running. If equipped with Stealth Armor, it has a +2 to hit modifier. This gives it a maximum To-Hit modifier of X.

Defensive factor Value from TM p. 315.

Total Defensive Battle Value[edit]

	Subtotal A
+	Subtotal B
+	Subtotal C
+	Subtotal D
-	Subtotal E
	Subtotal F
Subtotal F * Defensive Factor Value = TOTAL DEFENSIVE BV

Offensive BV[edit]

Heat Sink Rating[edit]

Total heat dissipated per turn:						14
									+ 6
Maximum heat from movement:						+ 2 (running)
(Running or Jumping)
									Heat Dissipation Subtotal

Heat from Weapons[edit]

Total heat generated if all weapons fired at maximum rate in one turn:

* Rotary AC Heat = Listed heat * 6
* Ultra AC Heat = Listed heat * 2
* One Shot weapons = Listed heat * 0.25
* Streak SRMs = Listed heat * 0.5
									Weapons Heat Subtotal

Mech Heat Efficiency[edit]

		Weapons Heat Subtotal
	- 	Heat Dissipation Subtotal
		Heat total

Heat Dissipation dissipates all weapon heat[edit]

Add BV for all weapons and ammunition.

Heat Dissipation dissipates some of weapon heat[edit]

If a 'Mech runs hot (like the Rifleman), weapon BV has to be modified to account for careful firing. Use a running heat total to see what weapons can be fired without overwhelming the 'Mech's cooling system. The running heat total starts at zero.

	For each heat-producing weapon, apply appropriate modifiers from Targeting Computers, Artemis, or Rear facing. 
		Weapons linked to a [[Targeting Computer]]: Multiply weapon BV by 1.25.
		Rear firing weapons (torso, leg, head-mounted) have their BV multiplied by 0.5. 
		 (Defensive weapons '''never''' halve their BV even when firing to the rear.)
	Use these modified BV's.
	Find the weapon with highest modified BV.
		In case of modified BV "tied value" use lowest heat weapon.
		If multiple weapons of type (2x Large Lasers, etc.) only use one of them.
	Add the weapon's heat to the running heat score and the modified BV to the Base Weapon Battle Rating.
	If the running heat score is less than the Heat Dissipation Subtotal, add the next heat producing weapon per the previous three lines.
	Once the running heat score has met or exceeded the Heat Dissipation Subtotal, any 
	remaining heat producing weapons' BV should be added to the running weapon BV at one half their listed value. 
		(A PPC for example would add 88 BV instead of the standard 176 BV.)
	Weapons that generate no heat (machine guns and some missile launchers) are always computed at full Battle Value.
	Add Ammunition BV (Ammunition BV may not exceed the weapon's unmodified BV.)
		Standard IM targeting system:	BV * 0.9
		Advanced IM targeting system (BM targeting): BV * 1.0
							Weapon BV

Add Mech Tonnage[edit]

	Mech Equipped with TSM: 				Tonnage * 1.5 = Tonnage BV
	Mech Equipped with Industrial TSM: 			Tonnage * 1.15 = Tonnage BV
	Mech lacks TSM:						Tonnage * 1 =	Tonnage BV
								Weapon BV + Tonnage BV

Speed Factor[edit]

Speed factor calculation = (Jumping MP * 0.5) + Maximum Running MP (Include MASC and TSM bonuses.)
Consult '''Speed Factor Table''' on [[TechManual]], p. 315 to get Speed factor.

Multiply Weapon BV by Speed Factor[edit]

Weapon BV * Speed Factor = Offensive Battle Rating

Final BV[edit]

Defensive Battle Rating 
+ Offensive Battle Rating
Total BV (Round normally)