An attempt to semi-automate the inclusion of links to pages that have certain templates applied. The templates can be found at Help:Template_gallery#Article_Maintenance

  1. Should include RefImprove, Cleanup, and MultipleIssues
  2. Should ignore anything in the template, help, and user namespaces

SMW "Can this be improved" ask template[edit]

  • Searches the Cleanup category
  • Searches the Cleanup, Multiple Issues, and Articles with unsourced statements categories
  • Limited to 3 results
  • Results are randomly determined each time (I think)
  • the only real difference between outline and ul formats is position of the "more..." link Irrelevant so removed.

Using "outline" format[edit]

Can this be improved?

Wanted Pages[edit]

Experimenting with including content from Special:WantedPages.