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Medron Pryde[edit]

Hello World. least those of you who like I...write.

  • crickets chirping


  • clears throat

Well. I just wanted to say hello and all that jazz. And to explain a mite of who I am. Some of you may know me, some may not. I run P.R.I., which actually does alot of what Sarna does. Heck, I've nabbed (after asking permission of course) more than one file from Sarna. In general though, I like to host any file that makes somebody's enjoyment of BattleTech increase. Yeah...that's a pretty wide assortment of files. And no. That does not include questionable pictures of Natasha Kerensky. Well...  :-)

I'm also the writer of the Human Sphere universe, which takes the Inner Sphere along a rather different track to 3100. The Brothers Ridzik form a New Tikonov state as written in Chaos March and general loyalties to the Great Houses have eroded. Small realms like the Duchy of Andurien, Fronc Federation, Syrtis Federation, Sarna Supremacy, Tamar Pact, the Azami Caliphate, and a dozen or more others vie for control of space with the remains of the old Great Houses. The empires of man are locked in a low-level raiding war of companies and battalions, fighting to gain land and resources, not to destroy them. Grand wars spreading across fifty parsecs where entire stellar districts fall in a matter of months are a thing of the past.

The main places I frequent on the web are Heavy Metal Pro and BattleCorps, the two best sites for discussion of BattleTech and such on the web IMHO. Ok...yeah...not so much humbleness there.  ;-) But I try. Ok...yeah...maybe not so much that either. *ahem*  :-)

Anyways...that's me. My name is Medron Pryde, and I'm a Battleholic.  :-)

--Medron Pryde 07:01, 19 December 2006 (CST)