David Martin (MidfieldMarauder) is an avid BattleTech fan and has been so for over 17 years.

A professional in the tabletop gaming industry, BattleTech remains one of his most passionate, if inconsistent, hobbies.

Apart from freelance work for several other companies, David founded Protagonist Games in 2010, with 2011 seeing the publishing of his first major RPG, RAWR!: The Monstrous Adventure Game. Protagonist Games has a rapidly growing fan base, and future releases include cards games, board games, and further RPG supplements and core books.

In the BattleTech universe, David is, and always has been, a Ghost Bear at heart.

David is known as MidfieldMarauder here as well as many other online forums and areas, including the BattleTech Forums on the official site.