About Me[edit]

I started playing BattleTech when it first came out. Yes with the cardboard cutouts and the maps that did not lay flat on the table. There was no "unseen" or "reseen". I have played every MechWarrior game from The Crescent Hawks Revenge to MechWarrior Online, BattleTech, and MechWarrior 5. I am the poster child of being salty in MWO. Ask anyone in HHoD what the term "Full Mookie" means. I wear it as a badge of pride.

During my time in the United States Army I took a pause from all things BattleTech.

I would not come back into the Universe until I discovered MechWarrior Online. That game would lead me to Sarna. Over the last couple of years I have started to really enjoy browsing the thousands of pages of information and lore compiled on this site. I started catching up on the lore and reading up on the timeline.

I went to the last MechCon in Vancouver, Canada in 2018.

Sarna is truly amazing. On the course of reading many of these wonderful pages of lore, I decided to help out a bit here and there with a few small corrections.One thing lead to another and then I edited a full page. Actually it was kinda fun. I have no intention of becoming an admin. I would just like to help out with some editing from time to time.