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A little about me...[edit]

I've been playing CBT for about 3.5 years. for the first year i was restricted to an old 3050 technical manual and its 'mechs. After a while though i found this site. Since then I've been using this site as a reference page for new 'mechs and technologies. Upgrading to using aerospace fighters has also been great. I have hundreds of record sheets all stored quite safely, and they are always under my guard. People aren't even allowed to touch them without my say-so. I'm a little paranoid of losing all of those precious hours used making all of those sheets and filling them out. :P

Why I Decided to join the site...[edit]

I was online one night and decided to search for some aerospace fighters to use in a new campaign I was preparing. I found one that I liked the look of, so decided to read on. I got to the variants and found one i liked, but couldn't understand it. So I made a few changes to fix it up. My mum's an editor, so i figured hell, may as well give it a shot.

Some contributions I hope to make...[edit]

Albeit I don't own too many manuals, I love to design my own 'Mechs, Vehicles, Fighters etc. Hell, one time I had a campaign made entirely of my own units or variants of them. Whenever I come to this site, I like to check the custom 'mechs people make. Unfortunately, I am often stuck seeing the same few. I am hoping to contribute more to these custom pages for anyone who doesn't feel like the standard off-the-mill units. Hopefully some of these units find some use in others games. In addition to that, I plan to make any pages difficult to understand due to spelling or grammar, much more reader friendly by correcting anything I can.