User:Neuling/DCMS/Military Ranks

The DCMS has used the same basic rank system for nearly four hundred years, with Theodore Kurita making two minor modifications, assigning the rank of Tai-shu to all Warlords and adjusting the other high-level ranks in response as well as assigning Japanese names to all enlisted ranks as a gesture of respect for their increasing worth to the Combine military.

All DCMS ranks use stylized katakana numerals as insignia, worn on the left collar of their uniform on small colored rectangle designating their service branch. For samples of the DCMS rank images, please see the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery Rank Insignia page.

Those colors are:

  • Cherry Red - MechWarrior
  • Yellow - AeroSpace Pilot
  • Dark Green - DropShip/JumpShip Crew
  • Light Green - Support Personnel
  • Dark Brown - Infantry
  • Light Blue - Combat Vehicle Crew
  • Purple - Artillery Crew
DCMS Rank DCA Rank Support Rank
Commissioned Officers
Tai-shu (Warlord)
Tai-sho (General) Tai-sho (Admiral)
Sho-sho (Brigadier General) Sho-sho (Commodore)
Tai-sa (Colonel) Captain
Chu-sa (Lieutenant Colonel) Sho-sa (Commander)
Sho-sa (Major) Dai-i (Lieutenant Commander)
Tai-i (Captain) Chu-i (Lieutenant) Senior Master Chief Petty Officer
Chu-i (Lieutenant) Sho-i (Ensign) Master Chief Petty Officer
Enlisted Ranks
Sho-ko (Sergeant Major) Sho-ko (Sergeant Major) Chief Petty Officer
Kashira (Talon Sergeant) Kashira (Talon Sergeant) Petty Officer
Shujin (Master Sergeant) Shujin (Master Sergeant)
Gunsho (Sergeant) Gunsho (Sergeant)
Go-cho (Corporal) Go-cho (Corporal)
Gunjin (Lance Corporal) Gunjin (Lance Corporal)
Heishi (Private) Heishi (Private)
Hojuhei (Recruit) Hojuhei (Recruit)