Free Worlds League Military Organization

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'Mech Forces[edit]

The FWLM prefers to use all 'Mech classes equally with some exceptions for special missions. The common regiment is medium to heavy weight and some companies or larger formations are created with a single task in mind, such as scouting or assault. [1] The available 'Mech designs are a mix from local produced classic machines with upgraded equipment or 'Mechs purchased from other nations. That changed with the arrival of the Clans. The DCMS and Federated Commonwealth bought the 'Mechs produced in the League in exchange for new designs, material or knowledge/technology. [1]. The League also produced field refit kits to bring the armies of Inner Sphere to a level where they could hold the line against the advancing Clan forces. The DCMS started their own industrial program to build their own machines. The surplus of the refits went to the units within the Free World League and in only seven years over 60 percent of the FWLM's 'Mech forces included some form of advanced technology. The FWL could acquire the technology to build their own IS OmniMechs such as the Perseus or the foreign Blackjack machine.[1] The standard FWLM unit follows the structure of the SLDF. [1]

Unit Subunit Strength
(CO: Lieutnant) [2]
0 4
(CO: Captain) [2]
3 lances 12
(CO: Force Commander) [2]
3 companies 36
Reinforced Battalion
(CO: Force Commander)[2]
4 companies 48
(CO: Colonel) [3]
3 battalions 108
Reinforced Regiment
(CO: Colonel) [3]
4 battalions 144

Aerospace forces[edit]

The FWLM fighters are among the most developed machines in the Inner Sphere. The industry provide a broad range of designs for many task like interception or as scouting over large areas. [1] The military scientsts and weapons developer testing also new equipment for the next generation of fighter throughout the League. The FWLM categorize their units into two groups: the attached and also the independent units. [4]

  • Attached units are part of larger formation, where they provide cover against enemy fighters or provide close air support for the ground units. [4]
    The 18 fighters are commanded by a commodore and when they have no transport assets by an lieutenant commander.
  • Independent units are divided into Independent Fighter Wing and Free worlds Fleets.
  • The Independent Fighter Wing contains normally 18 fighters with its own integral transport assets. The CO is a commodore.
  • The Fleets consists of 3 to 6 JumpShips and their DropShips. [4] An admiral commands that fleet usually.
Unit Subunit Strength
0 2
(CO:Lieutenant Commander) [6]
3 lances 6
(CO:Commodore) [5]
3 squadrons 18
Reinforced Wing
4 squadrons 24
(CO:Admiral) [7]
3 wings 54

Armor Forces[edit]

The common League tank unit can be varied in its composition and size. That depends on the nature of origin. The League sponsored troops get the best equipment and training, in contrast some of the provincial troops could only field outdated material. [4] Large formation above battalion level are uncommon outside of combat formation and will be broken down into smaller sub units when needed. [4]
The FWLM divides its armor troops into two different categories: heavy tanks regiments and light tank/patrol units.

  • Heavy tanks regiments
The common unit fields from 60 to 80 combat vehicles and an additional 20 to 30 vehicles for support and transport purposes. The material of the command depends from its assignment. Frontline units that are part of a 'Mech formation get the best available equipment and at the other end garrison units that provide security on back water worlds are less well equipped. [4]
  • light tank/patrol unit
The lightweight commands use their speed for reconnaissance missions and cavalry style tactics to harass the flanks of the enemy. [8]. A light tank unit contains usually 100 to 120 vehicles. [4]
Unit Subunit Strength
0 4-6
(CO:Captian) [2]
2-3 platoons 10-15
(CO:Force Commander) [5]
2-3 companies 30-45
(CO:Lieutnant Colonel)[5]
2-3 squadrons 80-120

Infantry Forces[edit]

Within the Free Worlds military 5 different kinds of Infantry exist. The Line Infantry, Static Defense Unit and Battle Armor fall under the authority of the High Command <[9]. The two remaining: Special Operation and Liberation Unit get their orders from the SAFE[9]

  • Line Infantry
The majority of the League's Infantry formations are categorized as such a unit and with its high numbers (1,800 at regiment level and over 7000 soldiers at division level) surprised many enemies which believed the unit was smaller.[9] With the modern equipment and the advance training they could also hold the line against tanks and even 'Mechs.[9]
  • Static Defense Unit (SDU)
These units are not so well equipped or trained like the line infantry. Such commands are stationed as garrison forces throughout the League. Some difficulties arise when a commander from the line infantry with lower rank but the overall authority give orders to officers from the SDU with a higher rank.
  • Special Operation
The members of the elite formation are selected from the regular formation. Every new member must have 36 month of troops service to be accepted into the training. The following training regimen schools the soldiers in many new skills. After successful graduation of the course the trooper get assignment to 1 of the six regiments. The commandos are deployed only in squad or platoon size when needed.[9]
  • Liberation Unit (LU)
The League Military used the small units (not larger then 150 men) to seed chaos among its enemies. In preparation for larger military actions the units infiltrate hostile planets. On the surface the use terrorist tactics to harass the local defender until their regular 'Mech forces arrive [9]
  • Battle Armor
The battle armor was established as a new infantry branch after the arrival of the Clans. With the help of the Word of Blake the engineers could developed several armor types for specific missions. The Longinus battle armor is used to combat 'Mech formations. [9] In contrast the lightweight Achilleus battle armor is often used within the special operation commands. The regular battle armor unit has its own integral transport assets and further mission attached support units.
  • Eagle Corps
The Eagle Corps are under direct control of the SAFE. The unit had access to 'Mechs and are trained similar to the Special Operation of the army. [9]
Unit Subunit Strength
0 7
(CO:Sergeant) [2]
4 squads 28
(CO:Lieutenant) [2]
4 platoons 112
(CO:Force Commander)[5]
4 companies 448
(CO:Lieutnant Colonel)[5]
4 battalions 1,792
(CO:Lieutnant Colonel)[5]
4-5 regiments 7,000 - 9,000


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