I have been a fan of BattleTech and MechWarrior since FASA first released these products. I've been here before, but always as a researcher - now my needs have changed! :)

Back in the day, I was the 435th member of FASA's MechWarrior fan club. Back in 3025 I even survived Operation Galahad!

Now I hope to start something of my own and I hope to reap the benefits of the knowledge stored here. I have always been associated with House Kurita and my favorite Mech is the Griffin (currently I don't play MWO (but you never know, I do have an account)).

While I have the time, viewing the pages here, I don't see alot that actually needs updating, or is within my knowledge base to update, but I'll try!

Be Bold - But Always Honor the Dragon!! Odenathus - aka William