I'll see if I can add some S7 'Mechs to the list from TRO 3055 Upgrade. As well as 'Mechs and variants from the BattleTechnology and Mech/Tech Factory magazines.

Maybe some custom 'Mechs as well. ^_^

'Mech Template

Current Project[edit]

Would be the Manufacturing Timeline. Currently done the units/models up to 2700. After I finish with the 31st century (up to c3085) I'll move on to adding the different weapons, equipment and such. I won't be able to add every 'Mech/model to the timeline because the Master Unit Names list doesn't list a year for each and every unit/model, on top of that, some years listed are incorrect (like the CLNT-2-4T existing in 2068).

Other Projects[edit]

My Snow Lily Empire fanon faction.
Solaris VII and BattleTechnology units (which are apocryphal). Unfortunately, I don't have access to each issue, even so I'll probably try to add what I can.
Maybe I'll even get around to adding missing articles linked to in the manufacturing timeline.

Still to Add[edit]

Custom Weapons[edit]

Misc Stuff[edit]

Main Articles:



  • Rei - Primary Configuration
  • Ichi - Fire-Support
  • Ni - Short-Range Brawler
  • San - Anti-Infantry



Manufacturing Centres: