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Snow Lily Armed Forces.

Command Structure[edit]

The Snow Lily Armed Forces are in part styled after the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery they originated from.


The Tennyo is the de facto commander of the entire Snow Lily Armed Forces, and can demand the forces under the command of the District Warlords should the need require it. In general, the command is left to the District Warlords instead, with the exception of full-scale military involvements.

Placeholder-name: Princess-Heir[edit]

The Princess-Heir is the second-in-command of the armed forces, and has the authority to request any troops she deems necessary, and is usually given free reign to do as she pleases.

Placeholder-name: District Warlords[edit]

The District Warlords are responsable for the defence of their district, and are required to maintain their own standing army, which usually doubles as the district's militia.

Units of the Snow Lily Armed Forces[edit]

Unit Organisation[edit]

BattleMech Assets[edit]

The Snow Lily Empire relies on a fairly balanced mix of Light, Medium and Heavy BattleMechs, with Assault-class BattleMechs being a rare sight in the armed forces, although they can be typically seen spearheading large assaults upon enemy lines. Most BattleMechs are produced locally, and, as such, demonstrate the Snow Lily's preference for faster 'Mechs. BattleMechs are structured into Lances of four BattleMechs, Companies of twelve or sixteen BattleMechs, thirtysix to fiftytwo BattleMech Battalions, and a hundred-and-eight to a hundred-and-sixty BattleMech Regiments, depending on the presence and number of command lances. Reinforced Regiments are rarely seen, although they can number up to two-hundred-and-twelve BattleMechs. Larger formations are virtually unknown in the Snow Lily Empire. Interrestingly, all MechWarriors in the Snow Lily Armed Forces are women, quite possibly a left-over from the 1st Yuki-Onna.

AeroSpace Assets[edit]

The Snow Lily Empire shows no real preference for Light, Medium, or Heavy AeroSpace Fighters, and (demi-)companies typically consist of a balance between the three classes. The smallest division is called a Lance, and consists of two fighters of the same class (and usually design). A Demi-Company consists of three lances, and a Company of two demi-companies (or six lances). A Wing fills the place of the Battalion, and typically numbers between thirtysix and fourtyfour Fighters, depending on the presence of command lances. A Regiment is a rare sight in the Snow Lily Empire, and consist of three to four wings with a command lance for a total of a hundred-and-ten to a hundred-and-seventy-eight fighters.

Armor Assets[edit]

Infantry Assets[edit]






Military Academies[edit]

Military Ranks[edit]