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Timeline for the Snow Lily Empire. Initially it follows the general timeline of the Draconis Combine, with a few additional points, although by 2840 it will diverge from the canon timeline entirely (save for some events that affect the entire Periphery/Inner Sphere).

24th Century[edit]

25th Century[edit]

26th Century[edit]

27th Century[edit]

  • 2607 - Territorial States given Associate-Member status.
  • 2617 - Draconis Combine moves their capitol to Luthien
  • 2623 - Star League adopts a universal currency.
  • 2651 - New taxes levied against Territorial States.
  • 2652 - Draconis Combine initiates industrial development program.

28th Century[edit]

29th Century[edit]

  • 2802 - Kaori Aijou is born in the Dieron District.
  • 2818 - Kaori Aijou attends to the Dieron District Gymnasium.
  • 2821 - First Succession War ends.
  • 2824 - Draconis Combine sends so-called "Chain Gangs" to Lyran worlds in an attempt to provoke an attack.
  • 2825 - Kaori Aijou finishes training. Minnesota Tribe incident.
  • 2826 - Kaori Aijou is chosen to lead a new, experimental regiment known as the 1st Yuki-Onna regiment.
  • 2828 - Omiko Aijou is born.
  • 2829 - 1st Yuki-Onna regiment is ordered to the Periphery border of the Pesht District.
  • 2830 - Second Succession War begins.
  • 2838 - ISF is attached to the DCMS. The ISF begins a shadow war agains the Coordinator.
  • 2840 - Kaori Aijou orders her regiment to leave the Draconis Combine, traveling into the Periphery.
  • 2841 - Kaori Aijou finds the Walküra Systems under attack by pirates. Kaori Aijou liberates the systems.
  • 2842 - Snow Lily Empire Founded. Kaori Aijou becomes the first Tennyo of the Snow Lily Empire.

30th Century[edit]

  • 2900-2999

31st Century[edit]

  • 3000-3099

32nd Century[edit]

  • 3100-3199