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*1x[[Small Laser]]
|BV (1.0)=331
|BV (2.0)=


The Usagi is a light 'quad designed to be a missile boat that can keep up with most scout 'Mechs. It is protected by two and a half tons of armor, only a bit more than half of what it could carry. Its 160 XL engine allows it to reach speeds of just under 130km/h, while its ten double heat sinks are more than enough to dissipate any heat it generates. The missile launchers are situated in such a way as to give it the appearance of bunny ears, which gives this 'Mech its name.


The Usagi's main armament are its two LRM-5 racks located just behind the 'Mechs cockpit and is fed by two tons of ammunition protected by CASE. A single Small Laser is located underneath the cockpit as backup.


  • UGI-2 - This variant replaces the LRM-5 racks with two SRM-4 racks. BV (1.0) = 304, (2.0) =
  • UGI-3 - This variant replaces the LRM-5 racks with two MRM-10 racks, it drops one ton of armor and loses the protection offered by CASE. BV (1.0) = 391, (2.0) =
  • UGI-4 - This variant is a radical change compared to the other variants. It removes the missile launcher and the Small Laser and replaces it with three Medium Lasers in both "ears". It also has an additional ton and a half of armor, nearly maximising its protection. BV (1.0) = 766, (2.0) =