Ever since the first time I played Crescent Hawks Inception on the Commodore 64, I have been hooked on BattleTech. I've played just about every PC game, a few of the console ones, and gotten myself sucked into the universe and history in ways that no other franchise has captured my attention. (Oddly enough, I never really got into the actual tabletop game; I'm sure partly because I've always had a hard time finding others to play with.)

If I had to pick anything that I'm most familiar with, it's the history and the various unit types. I am in the midst of a grand adventure trying to read through all the sourcebooks, TROs, and scenarios I have, which has so far been going on for over a year and I'm barely through the sourcebooks.

Inside BattleTech, I tend to lean toward the Rasalhague side of the Draconis Combine (being a Lutheran pastor IRL probably has something to do with that), and Clan Ghost Bear.

I'm excited to get involved in the community and help other fans learn more about this wonderful franchise!