General Information[edit]


This Infantry Platoon Creation Rules worksheet is intended to assist Editors in verifying the BV and other BattleTech Stats of an Inner Sphere Infantry Platoon (7*3 = 21), (7*4 = 28) or of an Clan Infantry Point. Please feel free to print off this sheet and compare the values given with your own numbers.


Computed values from this worksheet are NOT canon even though they are based on canon information. If the data given here conflicts with a canon publication, the canon publication should be considered the correct source.

Cautionary Notes[edit]


Some BattleTroops Infantry Platoons will require the relaxation of the limit of the number of support weapons per squad.


Support Weapon/Medium Weapons require a crew ranging from one to 10 infantrymen[1] and you should treat this as a hard and fast requirement regardless of the structure of your unit. That is, if you are using the 10 Crew Model of the Support PPC you will only be able to use 2 of these per platoon, and will only have 8 crew left over for other support weapons, the first of the crew (the gunner) will only carry the Support Weapon, or in this case its largest piece. The nine additional crewmen/gunner's assistants will be carrying extra ammo for the support weapon, any additional parts of the weapon, and their own Rifles, Sub-machine Guns or other small arms.

Newer Publications[edit]

The various platoons published in the newer books should work without having to disregard any rules, and should follow the crew requirement statistics.

Supplemental Work Required[edit]

Weapons Sheet for the conversion of MechWarrior Third Edition weapons into BattleTech Stats for use in this worksheet. Reminder, need to have a subtotal for the BattleTech Stats for Individual Character Attacks against BattleMechs and then the final total for use in the Infantry Platoon Creation Rules

Weapons Characteristics[edit]

The Table Values from Combat Operations and Tech Manual already incorporate the Insufficient Ammo Pentalty where light weapons that have less than 10 turns worth of fire (three turns for medium weapons) are penalized by having their damage value multiplied by the number of turns that they can fire divided by 10 (light) or 3 (Medium).

Exclusion of Field Guns[edit]

These rules are not intended to include artillery pieces that are towed by Motorized Infantry units. They are directly handled by the BattleTech Rules for Field Guns.

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Inner Sphere[edit]

Standard Inner Sphere foot and motorized infantry units are nominally platoons of 28 men organized into 4 squads of 7 men each, the most common organizational layout is three "line" squads with one to two direct-fire (e.g. machine gun, flamer or laser) light, portable or semi-portable class support weapons or one to four light class support missile weapons (e.g. Recoilless, SRM, LRM, MRM) and a "support" squad with one to two direct-fire support or heavy class support weapons or one to four heavy class support missile weapons. Jump infantry units are nominally platoons of 21 men, and have only three "Line" squads. Platoons are equivalent to lances in other services.


Standard Infantry[edit]

Design a ComStar Foot Infantry or Motorized Infantry Level I as you would a standard platoon of 28 men with 4 Squads of 7 Men. a Level I of Jump Infantry would be 21 Men.

Battle Armor[edit]

A Level I of BattleArmor is 4 suits.


Standard Infantry[edit]

Clan Infantry units are nominally points of 25 men organized into 5 squads of 5 men each[11][12]. Clan Infantry Stars are 125 men.

Battle Armor[edit]

Clan Battle Armor 5 points of 5 Elemental Suits make up a Star of 25 Elemental Suits [11][12].


Foot Infantry[edit]

Foot Infantry Units, often known as the "Queen of Battle", These units are generally accounted as having a movement of 1 BattleTech Hex per turn.

Jump Infantry[edit]

Jump Infantry Units have a movement of 2 hexes per BattleTech Turn if a squad has two support weapons, and 3 hexes per turn if it has one support weapon.


Cavalry Units

Motorized Infantry[edit]

Motorized Infantry Units use unarmored vehicles that mass less than 214.29 kg (rounded) per infantry trooper (including driver) that is, a 5 man vehicle capable of Towing a Support PPC would mass less than 1,071.43 kg (rounded). While it would be possible to create these vehicles in the support vehicle rules, it is probably inadvisable, and to the best of my knowledge, no such vehicles exist in the canon. A Motorized Infantry unit has 3 movement points if equipped with 1 Support Weapon per Squad, and 2 movement points if equipped with 2 support weapons.

Mechanized Infantry[edit]

Mechanized Infantry Units were originally Foot Infantry, Jump Infantry, or Motorized Infantry units that were transported in Combat Vehicles or Support Vehicles that mass larger more than 5,000 kg and are their own units on the BattleTech Scale.

Mechanized Infantry[edit]

Mechanized Infantry Units equipped variously with