This is a list of the completed 2020 projects, to ease checking the on-going ones:

My List of Wiki Projects[edit]

Mercenary units[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

I'm trying to build articles on the minor periphery mercenary units like Cavanaugh's Cavalry and then then Arms of Thor, the Larsen's Loners, the Nelson's Longbows and for sure other minor ones that I'll find. Just finished these four + a few minor ones. Now I want to review the Field Manuals on Periphery to tackle those mercenary units not described in wiki. Outworlds Alliance gave me 3 happy surprises yesterday... more to come I hope. I keep going with the minor units...
This is by itself a fascinating world, though usually there isn't much information in them, I do like this :)


This is adhoc ideas I'll try to do. I'll add them here while I think on them. Wishes for 2020 are:

    • Note: Move this to the completed section.

Mine-Dig Dark Age: 3135 PDA Journals[edit]

Status position:

Pending some Banson's plot.

Project Toys[edit]

Create pages of Toy companies with BattleTech official material and their products.

Known Companies[edit]

  • Tyco --> Completed --> Found some Auctions to fill all images

Project Planets "Political Affiliation"[edit]

Ensure all planets from Category:Planets have in the Political Affiliation section all the states they have correctly linked once.


Project Physical Item Image[edit]

The only thing that is not going to be checked is the BattleTech Trading Card Game, as it would duplicate information that already belongs to specific Category of Images and Toys, which has it's own category.

Phase 1[edit]

Review Category: Physical Item Image to ensure all imagines with artist are correctly credited.


Phase 2[edit]

Review Magazines: Category:Magazines


Phase 3[edit]

Review Goodies


Phase 4[edit]

Review all products from: List of BattleTech products

  • Add Category:Sourcebook Images or
  • Add Category: Physical Item Image or
  • Add Category: Comic Images or
  • Add Category:Magazine Images or
  • Add Category:Video Game Cover Images or
  • Add Category:Digital Product Images


Phase 4b[edit]

This category: Category: Physical Item Image should be renamed to Category: Physical Item Images and all items there changed of category...


Phase 5[edit]

Review all Novels: List of BattleTech print novels


Phase 6[edit]

Review non-english product images:


MechWarrior: Dark Age Products Images[edit]

Amend images from Category:MechWarrior: Dark Age Products to have all valid information.


Project Rulers[edit]

The rulers from these states are not categorized as such, categories have been created, now characters have to be put in:

  • Category:President of the Parliament --> President of the Outworlds Alliance
  • Category:Elected Prince --> Free Rasalhage Republic
  • Category:First Consul of the Rim Worlds Republic --> First Consul of the Rim Worlds Republic


Project Double redirects[edit]

Amend Double Redirect issues.


Project Dark Age: Republic of the Sphere[edit]

Minedig the document. Review Prefects and Governors of each planet in prefectures


Project Old FanPro Commandos[edit]

Kings & Pawns[edit]


Lawyers, Guns, and Money[edit]

  • Mercenaries' roosters --> Completed
  • Scenario 1 --> Completed
  • Scenario 2 --> Completed
  • Scenario 3 --> Completed
  • Scenario 4 --> Completed

==> Once all mechwarriors are created, additional info will be added with the scenario information

Battle of Monte Diablo[edit]

  • Dig History --> Completed
  • Dig Participants --> Completed


Succesion & Sucession[edit]

Amend spelling on:

  • Fourth Succesion War --> Completed
  • Third Succesion War --> Completed
  • Second Succesion War --> Completed
  • First Succesion War --> Completed
  • Succesion Wars --> Completed

to correct one (Succession).


Amend spelling on Defence (and links) --> Completed