User:Qesun Vendak

Long time lover of the Mechwarrior series, I was brought into the Battletech branch of it by my friend recently. Probably only a few weeks after he got himself settled into his new home, he was helping me get into the series when, jokingly, I stated that the UrbanMech would be better off with an Axe then 'that damned small laser.' We actually ended up retrofitting it, and nicknaming it the Tinman (Which ended up inspiring the Tinman II.

Since then, with access to The Drawing Board, Heavy Metal Pro, MegaMek, and even miniatures, we've altered and clashed multiple designs, for better or worse.

Contact Info[edit]

AIM: ComPewTrNerd

MSN: emh (at) knology (dot) net

Side Note...[edit]

I do welcome commentary on any custom designs I put up. :P