Along with unrecorded grants of Automatic Awards, I've granted the following ribbons:

Awards I've Granted[edit]

Community Service[edit]

Community Service Award
  • Neuling: for creating a tables standard for industrial, planetary and other similar articles (26Feb2011)

Superior Article[edit]

Superior Article Award

Good Article[edit]


Image Import[edit]

  • Mbear - for developing, uploading and using graphics to improve articles where rank is discussed, such as with Lieutenant (02Mar2010)
  • Neuling - for the uploading of massive amounts of unit graphics (18Mar2010)
  • Mbear - for the creation of BTW's first six Editor userbars (02April2010)

Vandal Cop[edit]


Problem Solver Award[edit]


Helping Hand Award[edit]

  • Knightmare - for directly guiding us to the extensions we needed to end months of constant assaults by spammers. (13Feb2012)

Casual Edit[edit]



Surreal Award

Good Humor[edit]

Good Humor Award

Assistance Appreciated[edit]


Direction Appreciated[edit]

Direction Appreciated Award

Substantial Addition Award[edit]


All Purpose[edit]

  • Dmon - addition of orgcharts to unit articles on 01Jan2010 (02Jan2010)
  • Whispering‎ - moving Firedrake to its appropriate name-place (18Jan2010)
  • Doneve - by providing the example of how to reference within a section heading (21Jan2010)
  • S.gage - in lieu of the Casual Edit, for correcting my mistake in 'what links here' for Albion (26Jan2010)
  • Mbear - in lieu of the Community Service Award, for adding a hidden field to the InfoBoxWeapon template (26Jan2010)
  • RagTag - dramatic improvement to Olympus (Recharge Station) (23Feb2010)‎‎
  • Mbear - creation of the ProtoMech infobox template (02Mar2010)
  • Neufeld - for highlighting many an article needing deletion today (21Mar2010)
  • Ebakunin - for identifying a problem with the Year pages with a great visual solution (02Apr2010)
  • Wookiebear‎‎ - general appreciation for efforts right after arriving at the project (26Jan2011)
  • GOLFisNOTaSPORT - concerted redirects (06Jul2011)‎‎
  • BrokenMnemonic - assisting a new BTW user in contacting CGL (18Aug2011)

Random Act of Appreciation[edit]


Award Nominations I've Supported[edit]

Image Import[edit]

  • Doneve - for importing over 40 graphics that improved as many articles, including biographies (by ClanWolverine101) (02Mar2010)
  • Doneve - for supporting the Project:Planets Overhaul preparations with customization of canon maps intended to provide reference material for the team (nominated by BrokenMnemonic) (12Aug2011)