This is just my quick and dirty takeaway from a brief dive into [the DynamicPageLoader extension's docs]. It almost seems like it's covering the same need as SemanticMediaWiki (SMW), but with a more limited scope. The <DPL> tag is pointing to the "Policies" category and displaying it on the page, Similar to the SMW query we're using on the Updates Needed page. We can add additional categories to the category parameter of the tag by separating the category names with a pipe character (|).--mbear


<div style="-moz-column-count:3; column-count:3;">

Gives us what we've seen already:



By adding the Help category to the list of categories searched

<div style="-moz-column-count:3; column-count:3;">

Results in:


  1. BattleTechWiki:Administrators
  2. Policy:Article Naming
  3. Policy:Assume good faith
  4. Help:Authoritative Templates
  5. Policy:BattleTech Essays
  6. Policy:Be bold
  7. Policy:Canon
  8. Help:Cleanup
  9. Help:Commonly used templates
  10. Policy:Consensus
  11. Help:Contents
  12. Policy:Copyrights
  13. Help:Create a New Article
  14. Help:Create a Shortcut
  15. Help:Deletion
  16. Policy:Disruptive editing
  17. Policy:Editing
  18. Help:Editing
  19. Policy:Fanon
  20. BattleTechWiki:Five Core Policies
  21. BattleTechWiki:General disclaimer
  22. Help:Getting Started
  23. Policy:Images
  24. Help:Italics
  25. Policy:Libel
  26. Help:Magic Words
  27. Policy:Manual of Style
  28. Policy:Moratorium
  29. Policy:Neutral point of view
  30. Policy:No legal threats
  31. Policy:No personal attacks
  32. Policy:Notability
  33. Help:Parameter
  34. Policy:Privacy
  35. Category:Procedure
  36. Help:References
  37. BattleTechWiki:Research Desk
  38. Policy:Sign your posts on talk pages
  39. Help:Table of contents
  40. Policy:Talk page
  41. Help:Template gallery
  42. Help:Templates
  43. Category:Uncompleted Policies
  44. Help:User Sub-Page Creation
  45. Policy:Vandalism
  46. Policy:Verifiability
  47. Help:Verify
  48. Help:WebArchive Notes
  49. Help:WikiLinks
  50. Help:Wikitags
  51. Policy:Year Pages


  • We can apparently use a parser function version (i.e. {{#dpl: .... }}) instead of the tag version, which might be useful for consistency. (We're using those in infoboxes, SMW queries, etc.)
  • The category name is apparently ignored for sorting purposes. Note how the Proposed output is organized alphabetically by page name.

User:Revanche so he can find it in the future since this is an orphan page otherwise.