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This section lists all the cohesive commands present or arriving during the entire Luthien campaign (in chronological order from December of 3067 through its liberation in December of 3074). Each synopsis lists the unit’s arrival date on Luthien; if there is no end date, the unit was present during the entirety of the campaign (Dec 3074). The Average Experience is the unit’s average experience rating in terms of how many veteran warriors are present in a Lance/Star/Level II formation.
1st Genyosha [Samurai] (Dec 3067)

CO: Tai-sa Shih Chou

Average Experience: 3

RAT: House Kurita, House Davion, FMDC, FMU

Force Abilities: During the Initiative Phase, the Genyosha receive a +1 Initiative for each enemy combatant destroyed in the previous turn; they receive a –1 Initiative for every Genyosha unit destroyed in the previous turn.

Notes: The First Genyosha was a heavy regiment commanded by the unit’s second-in-command at the beginning of the struggle, as Hohiro Kurita was on Tharkad. They were augmented by nearly a battalion of survivors from the Fourteenth Sun Zhang Cadre in early February of 3068. By the end of the conflict, the unit had been reduced to two reinforced companies. Sorenson’s Sabres operated as an independent company under nominal command by the Genyosha, used as a flanking and reserve force in larger engagements. The Sabres left Luthien in 3071 and reappeared under Chandrasekhar’s command on Arcturus in 3073.