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Notable Differences From Cannon [Crescent Hawks' Revenge][edit]

  • General: All missile salvos are animated with a single fireball traveling from one unit to its target. This was meant to represent the entire missile salvo, be it anywhere from 2 to 20 individual missiles. Either the entire salvo hit or the entire salvo missed.
  • Streak SRM & L/K Missiles: This weapon was never encoded into the game. There are 'Mechs from the post-Clan era that very closely resemble canonical models that had Streak launchers on them, but they merely contain the standard SRM launchers. It is unknown what exact effect the L/K addition made to the accuracy of equipped missiles.
  • "LB 10-X" autocannon or "LB-X AC": (The same weapon is listed under both of these names.) In The Crescent Hawks' Revenge, the only difference between the LB 10-X and a standard autocannon is that the LB 10-X has "20% more range". It is unclear what exactly this new range is. A canonical LB 10-X fires rounds that fragment into sub-munitions and have less range.
  • Flamers: Despite the Player's Guide describing the Hermes II and the Puma as having flamers, these 'Mechs actually had small lasers equipped instead. There was no flamer actually included in the game.

Notable Differences From Cannon [Mechwarrior 2][edit]

  • PPC: The canonical PPC is described as functioning similarly to a laser beam. The PPC in MW2 was animated as a slow-moving blue ball of light. This meant that hitting objects that were far away required significant timing and lead.
  • Critical hits were based on statistical odds only. The more "shots" taken at a particular area, the higher the chance of striking a "critical location". This meant that machine guns were extremely over powered because they fired an extremely high number of projectiles per second. This made them extremely likely to grant critical damage compared to any other weapon. In practice, four machine guns in group fire could make an arm or leg pop off of a 'Mech in less than two seconds.

Notable Differences From Cannon [MW 3050 SNES][edit]

  • Ammunition: ALL weapons, including the PPC and laser, use ammunition. This is picked up by walking over icons during gameplay. The explanation that PPCs and lasers had limited ammunition was that they were "taking energy from the fusion core and were by no means unlimited", according to the instruction booklet.
  • Gauss Rifle: launched a projectile in an arc, the height and length determined by how long it was charged up, fragmented into multiple projectiles before landing. Charging for too long caused the weapon to explode.
  • PPC: Like the Gauss Rifle, holding down the fire button charged the weapon, releasing it fired the weapon. Longer charging made the PPC "ball" travel faster and do more damaged. Charging for too long caused the weapon to explode.