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Wanting all the world and maybe a Twee bit more.

About the Twee[edit]

On the seventh day, God rested. On the eighth, he created Twee.

I started with the mecha minis way back in the late eighties after I got a little burnt out on the whole Starship thing. In looking

around I discovered Robotech and saw the Tomahawk(Warhammer) Destroid. When introduced to Battletech I found myself

enjoying a whole new thing with alot of the same familiar units. Of course at the same time I had other hobby interests

going on, refurbing cars, other games and a new wife. When it became too much stuff, the wifey put her foot down and said

in raging slip of the tongue"You have too much crap Kirk Eugene !" It was then the gamer/geek name that has followed me

came about "Your not listening Kirk, two's company, twee's a crowd. Get rid of something." Well I'm still married and I

dont fix up old cars anymore...oh well, cant have it all. On the family side, the wifey is a redhead and I have three teenagers(No rest for the weary). On the professional side I have been in engineering for lo these past 20+ years. Started with architectural. Got bored

and moved on to circuit board design and finally to mechanical design where I have been since. I try to dabble with

graphics from time to time and still do quite a bit of free-hand sketching when the mood or idea hits. Miniatures

themselves have taken on a whole new life with me also. From perfecting my kit-bashing and painting skills to CAD-ing my

own designs and getting rapid prototyped to have them created for the masses.

In the non-gaming department. I just retired from an 11 year stint as a Cub Scout(Tigers & Webelos) Leader and then 5

years in Boy Scouts. And on top of that, 4 years in the Girls Scouts as an event coordinator. Whew !

Project: Dark Phoenix[edit]

This monster just kinda fell from the sky. A few years back I started playing around with unseen minis tweaked to

represent the new Project Phoenix designs. I was then challenged to reverse my thinking and retro-bash a new Marauder

into a 3025 3R model. The rest is history they say. Currently(November '06) there are only 3 more designs to be tackled

for this. Then comes the hard part, FLUFF ! Documenting why a certain design was changed is infinately harder than just

saying it was changed. And so it goes.

Project: Dark Phoenix mission statement: To allow the creation of acceptable substitutes of the Battletech Universe

Unseen miniatures. These substitutes shoulda/coulda/woulda be allowed as semi-canon.

Future Plans[edit]

My plans for the future; Mapscale minitures(2mm)- Dropships, buildings, mecha, vehicles and other playing pieces My own game to be finished- Galactic: Conflict in the Stars Surviving my teenagers Fixing up some old car(shhhhhhh, dont tell the redhead !) Winning the lotto, buying IWM and retiring at 50

Contact Info[edit]

AIM: Alderfek

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