I have been a fan of the Battletech universe for almost my entire life. As a child before I could read I was already conquering the innersphere on my Super Nintendo playing Mechwarrior 3050. Then after acquiring Mechcommander my youngerself fell in love, not just with strategy games but with battlemechs and their pilots. My collection grew over the next years. Mechwarrior 2, then Mechwarrior 3, Mechcommander 2, Mech Assualt 1 and 2, Mechwarrior 4, Mechwarrior Online, Battletech and finally Mechwarrior 5.

In-between the video games I found novels and and the Dark Age Wizkids click game. It wasn't till my years in high school where I was introduced to D&D did I soon discover the original war game called Battletech.

As I have grown so has my passion for Battletech. My most beloved faction is Clan Smoke Jaguar, over the years I have spent more time fighting them then any other faction. I jokingly call it Ender's Game syndrome for finding love in what was portrayed as my enemy through many of the games.