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I have been playing BattleTech since the early 90's. Except for a couple of hiatus, I have followed the story line through to the beginnings of the Dark Age. Like most BattleTech fans, I love the mecha. My favorite unseen BattleMech is the Marauder. I prefer Duane Loose's Marauder, but I also love Chris Lewis's MAD-5R Marauder and his Marauder IIC 2. I guess the reason I love the Marauder so is my childhood - my first model set, constructed at the age of 4, happened to look very much like a Marauder. If I recall, it was named a Zenmaster-y Sargeant Pod, and was featured in the popular Japanese cartoon Robocross ;) . The Marauder has been good to my Mechwarriors, and it continues to be a favorite!

My favorite timeframe for BattleTech is the Succession Wars, but I also love pre-Invasion Clan homeworlds and the Deep Periphery as settings for adventures. I am a huge fan of Clan warfare, not for the zellbrigen or the munchkin-y rules (Clan vs. Inner Sphere), but for the pace of the games. In Clan warfare, the Timber Wolf is incredible, but the Storm Crow is so cool, I may have to change my thinking (consider, the Stormcrow has more firepower than an Awesome with no heat buildup, and is nearly twice as fast with nearly full armor!).

My favorite plots are set in the deep periphery, on lost worlds, and/or before 3025. I really enjoyed Historical: Operation Klondike (recommended for Clan enthusiasts) and Era Digest: Golden Century, and I hope Catalyst intends on releasing more supplements (ex: Battle of Tokasha, or a "Brush Wars" style Clan sourcebook :) ). I'm also hoping for a TRO with more early Clan BattleMechs and 1st-2nd gen OmniMechs (the Coyotl and Lupus are really cool - FM: Warden Clans mentions 1 design in each weight class - the light and assault first-generation Omnis designed by Clan Coyote would also be awesome to have :) ). These supplements would make second line Clan units more interesting and be really useful for desperate frontline units embroiled in an all-or-nothing war Clan War, and are really cool background.

Recent Stuff[edit]

I've been busy sprucing up the Reunification War, Rim Worlds Republic, House Amaris and Amaris Civil War, and most recently I've been adding sections and links to the LAAF and AFFS sections, and tactfully remerging the various Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance pages. During my down time, I have also been working on several ongoing projects, including adding representative images (taken from various Field Manuals) depicting war materiel in parade/field colors.

Also, finally got around to adding some of the Clan retrofits of classic IS BattleMechs from The Battle for Twycross. I also completed family trees for each of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere last week. Should have some more stuff coming down the pipeline.

Project Planets[edit]

I was using a little of my free time to work on generating accurate extrapolated distances between systems for Phase 6 of the planet overhaul, but now I'm not so certain. The project may have generated some erroneous data, making all the jump distances erroneous, too. Nonetheless, all data will be kept until the pages are ready for the 6th stage (so far, 0 systems waiting). As there seems to be no rush, I focused on systems within the Periphery (my region of interest), and have completed several proto-states, pirate realms, Clan Space, MH/LL, TC/CP, MOC, and RWR systems c. 2750 (more than 600 total, or 20% of all published systems). I am intentionally delaying on realms that border DC and coreward-spinward Periphery states, because it will be impossible to complete these areas of space until Handbook: House Kurita is released.

These are the remaining factions: Inner Sphere - DC, FS, CC, FWL, LC, TH
Periphery - Chainelane Isles, OA, Jarnfolk, and Independents/Colonies

These classifications cover nearly all of the worlds in the Human Sphere.


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I've been around, but I have become very ill - again - and I am unlikely to be contributing significantly for the foreseeable future. I am reliving the nightmare illness I refer to above, requiring organ transplantation almost four years ago (and indirectly resulting in the cancer this summer... ). I am willing to give the back story (privately) to those who want, but this is far to public a venue even with pseudonyms. Without further recovery, I am struggling to find strength even for low-effort activities like BTW. (G-d willing), if I can recover a little further, I might jump at an opportunity to write/edit full time, because I may never be able to return to full time physical labor. If anyone knows of any positions requiring a PhD biophysicist/writer, I would love to hear about them.--S.gage 21:33, 23 April 2012 (PDT)


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