Howdy Folks

I am a lurker in the Shadows who has played the Mechwarrior series of games since MW3 came out. I did 27 years + in the US Army and It's reserve component teaching Basic and Advanced Training in several fields. Armored Scouts, Power generation Techs and Infantry. I was trained also in the use of explosives and had extensive training in Modern Ordnance of all kinds. I study Classic Battle Tech to translate the ideas into usable Mechs for MW4 as Now being released by MekTek for another Generation of Gamers. I was a Messenger delivering the Computers which Allowed the first Battle Tech PODS to be built back in the early 80's by the FASA Crew. If you have real life weapon question ask me I or my Friends will find a relevant answer.

Joseph A. Merrill III Sarge the Poet Gamer Tag Nihtwaco