Who am I?[edit]

Personal Information[edit]

I'm a foreverGM living in the Pacific Northwest. Been a gamer for many years, and playing BT since the '90s.

In my spare time I research military history and linguistics, do Joinery, restore old hand tools, do the odd bit of historical re-enactment, and sculpt/paint tiny robots (of course). Sometimes I even get to play. I also watch a fair bit of anime, and work for a local convention.

Battletech History[edit]

One magical evening, my ten-year-old self found TRO: 3025 and 3026 in the bookshelves of a local thrift store. I fell in love with the fluff immediately, but never managed to find the core rulebooks. Flash forward a few years, and I joined the Navy. The local gaming group out of the (sadly defunct) Ground Zero Games in Pensacola took me under their wing and much fun was had. Since then I've bummed around the country, hosting campaigns and playing when I get the chance. I worked as one of the editors for the TRO: 3063 fan-project, and wrote a couple of the entries.

Das Blorg[edit]

Hit up the blog if you want to see my mecha. I occasionally post in-progress stuff on my tumblr.

Gaming Information[edit]

  • Home Store/Club: Olympic Cards and Comics, Lacey, WA. Also a member of the PNW Battletech group, based out of Matrix Games, Tacoma, WA.
  • Preferred Era: Any. I particularly enjoy the Age of War, late Succession Wars, Chaos March, and by extension combined-arms games, but I'm up for pretty much anything.
  • Preferred Rules Level: How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Kidding aside, I prefer either quick, clean mass-combat or utterly insane simulation-level gaming, and BattleTech supports both. Just - please don't ask me to run double-blind games anymore, I gave away my third set of maps. We have MegaMek for that now. When I play Alpha Strike, I like to run "true ground-scale" games (1 MP=5") with 1:144 minis in the backyard.
  • Playstyle: Campaigns and "historical" (or at least psuedo-historical) scenarios, rather than generic one-offs.
  • Preferred Faction(s): I'm a dyed-in-the-wool GM, so I don't really dislike any one faction. I have a lot of pirate 'Mechs and about a dozen different forces that were once upon a time either Mercenary companies or their OPFORs in campaigns. On the rare occasions I do play on the Clanner side of the house, I run Blood Spirits (because I love ProtoMechs, and see "Combined-arms" above..). Plus you have to love Elite pilots in Star League-era potato-mechs.
  • Ongoing Projects: Currently painting up an entire model set for the original Tales of the Black Widow Company (Yes, I'm insane. I know. It's mostly plastics, though, so at least it's cheap). Concurrently rewriting and updating the scenarios to modern standards and improving the balance. I'm also building a bunch of 6mm terrain - moderns and SF both - and converting an ever-wilder menagerie of mecha.
  • Collecting Interests: The roots of BattleTech as a mecha anime combat sim and naval wargame. I collect mecha minis, games, and models; I've even rigged up a (translated) version of the Battle of Kalnock and Battle of Stanrey wargames for Dougram using Japanese trading figures and some original sculpts. I focus on models over books most of the time, and I have an extensive collection of custom maps, HexTiles, and campaign notes left over from the various campaigns I've run.

What Am I Doing Here?[edit]

Occasionally, as part of an ongoing project, I'll do a bunch of research on a planet, force, or faction. When that happens, I'll update the articles here if they're lacking. I also clean up articles with editing problems as I find them. When new Design Quirks come out, I molest that article as well. Otherwise I lurk...