User:Serus Angel

((Work in Progress))

  • Status: Bored
  • Occupation: Marine Corps
  • Favorite Clan: Smoke Jaguar
  • Favorite Homeworld Clan (Post-War of Reaving): Coyote
  • Favorite Inner Sphere Clan (Post-War of Reaving): Wolf-in-Exile
  • Favorite House: House Steiner
  • Favorite Clan OmniMech: Dire Wolf (S Variant)
  • Favorite Homeworld Clan OmniMech Osteon (Jaguar Variant)
  • Favorite Inner Sphere Mech: Stalker
  • Favorite Inner Sphere OmniMech: Gauntlet (Prime Variant)

Current Projects[edit]

Cleaning up random articles for grammar and spelling errors.