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The Shockers
Unit Profile (as of 3030)
CO Brigadier Shockeray Rayson
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
Aerospace No
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes


The Shockers were began by Shockeray Rayson. Buying and selling on the black market he became wealthy and was able to fund the creation of the Shockers completely independently.
With a gaining reputation for strength, the Shockers logo is one that can unsettle any solder or mech pilot.

Although Shockeray claims that he is a descendant of the bloodname Rayson of the Ex-Clan Wolverine, his DNA have never been tested to prove his claim.

The Shockers Created there own BettleMech, called the Volt. The Volt is a Colossal 'Mech. Only one has been produced, mostly because of the huge cost of such an endeavor for a small mercenary group. The Volt is piloted by none other that Brigadier Shockeray Rayson, also a Weapons Specialist rides with for backup.

Shockers CH1[edit]

1 = Titan Dropship-Jumpship[edit]

12 = Mechs
6 = Heavy Vehicles
12 = Mech Pilots
50 = Infantry
200 Ton Armament

Armed with:

20 = Pontiac 20 Autocannon/20
18 = BlazeFire Large Lasers
4 = ER PPC
6 = Delta-X LRM-20
10 = Hellion-b Medium Lasers

The bulk of the weapons are forward facing, most grouped in the Titans nose, though at least one AC/20 and LRM-20 cover the aft quarters of the craft.

With an Additional:

1 = K-F drive coil, for Jumping


Blood Asp[edit]

Pilot; Shockeray Rayson

Armed with:

2 = Gauss Rifle, mounted on shoulders, 8 ammo each
2 = Streak SRM-6, mounted in shoulders, 18 ammo each
2 = Heavy Medium Lasers, mounted under shoulders
2 = Heavy PPC, Mounted in Arms
2 = Medium Pulse Lasers, Mounted in arms
3 = Heavy Machine Gun, mounted in Torso, 400 ammo each

Longbow LGB 12-C[edit]

Pilot; Clyde

Armed with:

2 = LRM-20, mounted in arms
2 = LRM-15, mounted in arms
3 = ER Small Laser, mounted in torso


Pilot; Palerider

Equipped with an additional:

5 = Double Heat Sink


Pilot; Chopper

Sha Yu[edit]

Pilot; Reed

Equipped with an additional:

1 = Sensor Intermediate
1 = Jumpjets

Sha Yu[edit]

Pilot; Jacob

Equipped with an additional:

1 = Sensor Intermediate
1 = Jumpjets


2 = Fulcrums[edit]

1 = Regulator II[edit]

Shockers CH2[edit]

Mechs [edit]


Pilot; Cody

Blood Asp[edit]

Pilot; Shockeray Rayson

Equipped with an additional:

1 = Jumpjet

Shockers CH3[edit]

Just adding what might be in the next story.

Mechs [edit]

-1 = Catapult[edit]

-1 = Blood Asp[edit]

Pilot; Shockeray Rayson

+1 = Volt[edit]

Pilot; Shockeray Rayson

+1 = Black Hawk-KU[edit]

Shockers CH4[edit]

I have not written this chapter so these are just ideas...

Mechs [edit]

+1 = Cyclops[edit]

Equipped with an additional:

1 = Sensor Advanced

+1 = Kit Fox[edit]

+1 = Nova (Black Hawk)[edit]

Author's Notes[edit]

I will write stories of the Shockers that will appear at the following links:

Shockers_CH1, Shockers_CH2, Shockers_CH3, Shockers_CH4