Official UserBar Creator for BattleTechWiki (well for my 2 c-bills, anyhow).

You can view Skuggi's battletech userbars Here

About Me[edit]

I've been addicted to Battletech and Mechwarrior before I ever could encompase the scope of the universe. It started when I was younger when the cartoon came on, that got me hooked on giant robots, I even was lucky enough to have my first Axman toy and Hunchback :). I actually had never thought of graphics as a profession, I could never draw freehand, but back in 1999 when signature graphics started getting big with the introduction of message boards I taught myself how back with Paint Shop Pro, I eventually upgraded to Photoshop 6 and now create all of my graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS2. My main work is in IT, but I take graphics, mac, and photoshop classes on the side when I can but am mostly self taught.

How the B-Tech Userbars Came To Be[edit]

When the move from Signature Graphics, started to evolve to what is now more popular the UserBars I was one of the first on the scene. I am also a purist, The usebar was created to save on load time of message forums as the Signature Graphic, especially with the use of GIF images and Flash Annimation has become unruly and most forums block such useage now. So of the 60 userbars on my Photobucket account for use with Battletech, including customs for units, I have used less than 1MB of space and only on average 400MB of bandwidth with over 75,000 hits on average.

My first userbar, was a simple Battlecorps one for usage by members of on other forums to promote the website. It was quickly adopted and people requested and asked if I could make specific unit and faction bars. Being one who hopes to see the Battletech line run until my kids have kids, I couldnt resist. My first bars were rather crude and plain as to keep size at a minimum, as I've gotten more and more experience I am able to put more high definition and quality graphics into that small size and space.

After the useage of Battlecorps members userbars on in the forums, I had an even better response (mainly due to the massive quanity of people by comparison). I have continued to update threads in both forums with new bars.

Future Plans[edit]

I plan to hopefully one day be able to have a userbar created for each and every unit, and faction for people to use and spread the battletech name around, and even get more people hooked on it. I also help out anyone asking for custom work be it for userbars, or any type of graphics work, even if you just need some help in photoshop.

Contact Info[edit]

Please ask any questions and more so if one of my links goes dead to an image please PLEASE report it to me so I can fix it :)