How I got into BattleTech[edit]

My first encounter with the universe was through the Mechwarrior 2 game. Except for the game itself I was also intrigued by the very detailed background information regarding the Refusal War that could be found with each mission and in the game library. Shortly thereafter I encountered BattleTech in my favorite gaming store that I used to frequent for RPG product, or maybe I just recognized some mechs on the cover of the novels or source books. Soon the board game and an increasing amount of novels, source books and other BattleTech products started to fill up my room.

About me[edit]

Born 19th of March 1976



Married, 2 kids

Work as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Expert

Region of Arnhem, The Netherlands

Me and[edit]

I've been frequenting for a couple of years now. Often happily going from Random Page to Random Page and sucking up all kinds of BattleTech knowledge. I often encountered mistakes in spelling or grammar that I was just itching to fix but always restrained myself. I don't own a lot of the (current) books and didn't feel 'entitled' to correct those who do, and in such way support the franchise financially. Now I've decided to simply step up and help out as only by working together can we create a good Wiki.

I've also thought up a crazy project that would combine my professional knowledge with the BattleTech Universe but I need to contact the people of Project: Planets for that I guess. ;)