I rediscovered my longtime love for Battletech in late 2010.
Starting with the Battletech 2nd Edition Boxed Set before was even a teenager, I slowly accumulated a very large collection of FASA sourcebooks for the Battletech world, as well as every Battletech novel ever published with the lone exception of The Sword and The Dagger
As all of my friends and I got older, the Battletech books and record sheets ended up gathering dust on a shelf for many years.

Now that I've rediscovered Battletech, I can't seem to put the novels down.
Using my large base of reference material and my college education in English, I hope to improve the Battletech wiki as much as I can with what little time I can spare to sneak away from Albuquerque, New Mexico and back into the Inner Sphere.

Of particular interest to me are The Periphery, Deep Periphery societies, ComStar's Explorer Corps, WarShips, and Pre-Star League history.

When not editing, you might find me in one of these places:
-In the garage turning wrenches on his 1995 Toyota Supra
-At the local shooting range enjoying one of his many surplus military rifles
-At my US Army Reserve unit enjoying his role as a weekend warrior
-At the local college campus pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
-On the ski slopes, particularly Taos, Wolf Creek, and Durango Mountain Resort
-At one of many local spaceport bars enjoying a few too many dark beers