I edit the HoC Archive, a document chronicling the life and times of the HoC Alliance on Neveron. The PDF is available for anyone to enjoy: PDF Download

  • My BT history:

The PC World
Crescent Hawk's Inception, Crescent Hawk's Revenge, Mechwarrior 1-4, Mech Commander 1-2
The MU* World
'96-97ish - 3056 MUSH, of which I thought the CHF Academy was truly awesome
'97-98ish - Varxsis
'97-99ish - Other misc BT themed muxes/muses, as well as a few Star Wars ones
I actually managed to start my own Mush in 2001: "Star Wars: Uprising". Though I no longer have anything to do with it, SWU is still up and running to this day.
The MMO World
'01-present - Neveron (I am Katrar aka Kato, member of HoC)
Chaos2 - Empire History
'06-present - Invasion 3042
  • Other Computerish details:

The Old School Modem World
My first "online" activities were courtesy of a 300 baud modem, with which I connected to what were called BBS's (Bulletin Board Services) to play games, download ascii porn, chat on message forums and pretend I was a "hacker". Those were the days! Anyone remember Trade Wars???
The MMORPG World
I currently play (at least, I pay monthly fees towards!) World of Warcraft, and the Sony Station One Pass (EQ, EQ2, SWG, Matrix, etc.) I really only play WoW now, but am looking forward to Vanguard from Sony.
  • Miscellaneous tidbits:

Myspace: ryanbutters
Iraq: I was deployed to Iraq for 16 months in 05-06 as an infantryman with the 172d Stryker Brigade. I was periodically based on Mosul, Rawah (Anbar Province) and Baghdad. I finally made it home in November, 2006.