Who am I?[edit]

Thauron hails from the Golden Age of RPGs, and has been running games, consistently, since 1991; Funeral Director by trade, his stories are informed by his love of philosophy, apologetics, and religion.

Preferred Era[edit]

Having re read much of the older source material, it's clear that the quality of the writing collapsed right around the introduction of the Clans. The older books are honest, self critical, and do not read as having a bias or agenda. All that is lost on the later writers who present a version of things often times askance of what we know about human nature and what game mechanics will allow.

To remedy said shortcomings, Thauron hacked the game, and reverse engineered the weapons creation rules.

Preferred Factions[edit]

Initially conceiving himself as a Noble MechWarrior of House Davion, and the Federated Suns, (there were only five choices back then) Thauron emigrated to Sterope, of The Taurian Concordat, as soon as he became aware of it's existence. Eerily, discovering later; it is the only world in the only faction which still maintains Noble Regiments.


Thauron has a rather sizable collection of original books, purchased new, and maintained in pristine condition.

What I am doing on the Wiki[edit]

Setting the record straight.

There are a lot of issues that need to be discussed openly and honestly with regard to the BattleTech Universe, at a level of detail that only others on this wiki would understand and appreciate.