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My First Contribution[edit]

Originally had the idea of contributing here awhile ago by adding apocryphal variants from other sources such as MWO, which I no longer dabble in. My first contribution was the COM-TDK as my first foray into a Wiki-related page and received plenty of great feedback, which was further refined with the help by BrokenMnemonic, and ultimately leading to the design work by Cache and Cyk. An idea that has inspired me to scour any BT-related 'non-canon' sources for these types of sections and 'standardize' the format for other pages. Hopefully this will be useful from a historical perspective, for old and or new non-canon type products coming out (such as video games).

Seeing as I have tons of BT source material, it has inspired me to join here and contribute where possible.

What I'm Working on[edit]

Awards Board[edit]

Awards Board

Substantial Addition Award, 1st ribbon