I've been playing Battletech since I snagged my first copy of Battledroids at a long-gone hobby shop in the late 80s.

Proud Citizen of the Capellan Confederation, when I'm not a staunch supporter of House Davion and Federated Suns. (Katrina is a filthy usurper, don't even try to change my mind).

I collect and paint primarily, with roughly 500 mechs in various canon schemes. My largest is my 2750 era 331st Royal Battlemech battalion (reinforced with armor and artillery assets), that's gradually getting replaced by the new Catalyst sculpts. Next largest is my Capellan Reserves reinforced battalion, and then things go down hill from there.

I'm also a huge PC gamer, playing FFXIV and WoW, and I program for a major healthcare IT provider for a living.