speed quickly[edit]

'clock,polo ralph lauren pas cher, and outside suddenly heard a "bang" a loud noise, he rushed ran outside and saw several villagers of the same village lying in the road,louboutin pas cher, seriously injured and bleeding disorder. He hurried to make the alarm call. At 13:40 on March 22 Xu in Fuyang City People's Hospital emergency center on the second floor ward, the reporter saw accident driver Dongmou,abercrombie, the head Bengzhe gauze mask,louboutin, face expressionless, sitting next to a woman in their speak. In the face of a reporter's inquiry, Dong Fei still do not speak. Subsequently, the two guards Fei Dong ward police prevented reporters. The distraught families of the victims in Fuyang Chinese medicine hospital the 4th Floor surgical seventh ward, the reporter saw lying on the bed,ralph lauren, Miss Xiao, Miss Xiao Lixin County of Bozhou City, selling snacks to rent in Fuyang. Her in the bed, trance, eyes difficult to open. The head of a large area of ​​abrasions and hip bone fracture more injured arm and heel, and very difficult to speak. "I love to be knocked down, the situation is very serious." The Unconditionally wife was seriously injured in the accident Hanke Min told reporters, his wife was 40 years old, have happened to the whole family would be finished. The reporter then rushed to the Hospital of Fuyang trauma. The 11 ward on the fifth floor orthopedic seriously injured king repair injuries left leg fracture, Hougu injuries speechless. It is understood that the others were present situation basically stable, no life-threatening. The death toll has been questioned in Fuyang city departments related news release, the reporter found that the night of the incident, two people died. Witnesses confirmed that one person had died on the spot. In the end died a few Reporter in an interview that the the terrible vicious traffic deaths caused questioned. "At least three people died,chaussures louboutin pas cher, Chinese medicine hospital over the death of one side of the city hospital died two there weeks old woman has a 64-year-old dying." The families of the victims, told reporters. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter in Fuyang City People's Hospital intensive care unit and saw three weeks old woman daughter-in-law of high beauty, she was very sad. "The doctor on the morning to tell us mentally prepared, that my mother-in-law is dying." The high U.S. sobbing hysterically told reporters. The driver is a serious drunk driving off-road vehicles did not turn on the lights, speed quickly,polo ralph lauren, he is the first Hajime things crazy escape after the tragedy occurred. "Reporters in the interview process, many people have this vicious incident deep a sense of indignation. As of press time the reporter,burberry, Fuyang City departments gives the response: the night of the accident driver alcohol detection, venous blood alcohol content 353.1mg/100ml,sac burberry, in accordance with the regulations,abercrombie france, drunk driving is 80 mg per 100 ml as drunken driving .</p>


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