I have been a Battletech / Mechwarrior fan since 1999 when I saw Mechwarrior 3 and the K'NEX Mechwarrior sets as a kid. I've used Sarna for years and years as I became more and more interested in the lore after playing the Mechwarrior, Mechcommander and Mechassault video games as they came out. I only recently started playing Battletech on a table about a year ago. I can say that the Battletech universe has actually somewhat affected my choice of focus in college as a mechanical engineering student doing research in nuclear fusion. I currently play HBS Battletech, MWO, MWLL, and play tabletop Battletech with a small group of players every Sunday in Arlington, TX when I am not busy.

I am here to give back to a universe that has given so much to me (to put it shortly).

Thank you to everyone,

Taylor S.



Battletech Related About Me[edit]

Favorite Mechs:
L: Firefly C, Jenner IIC, Raven RVN-3L, Flea FLE-17
M: Bushwacker BSW-L1 and BSW-S2, Raptor II RPT-2X2, Nova S
H: Tenchi (MekTek), Cauldron-Born A, Champion CHP-1Nb and CHP-3N, Dragon Fire DGR-3F and DGR-6FC
A: Annihilator ANH-1X, ANH-2A, and ANH-2AX, Templar TLR1-O and TLR1-OD, Mad Cat Mk II Prime, Hauptmann HA1-O

Favorite Vees:
L: Striker 3061, Swiftwind
M: Myrmidon
H: Sekhmet, Bulldog
A: Alacorn Mk.VI

Favorite Eras:
1. Civil War
2. Invasion
3. Jihad

Favorite Weapon:
1. LB-20X AC or Assault Laser (MekTek)
2. Gauss Rifle
3. ER Medium Laser

Favorite Factions:
1. Wolf's Dragoons
2. Federated Suns / House Davion
3. Kell Hounds
4. Clan Wolf in Exile
5. Eridani Light Horse
6. Clan Sea Fox / Clan Diamond Shark

Favorite "Bad" Factions:
1. Word of Blake
2. Clan Smoke Jaguar
3. Steel Wolves

Favorite Characters:
1. Victor Steiner-Davion
2. Kamea Arano
3. Bullseye
4. Brendon Corbett
5. Dancing Joker
6. Jerome Blake