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A Bit About Me[edit]

I have been a wargame and RPG player for more years than I care to admit but the one I come back to time and again is Battletech. I started playing the boardgame and Mechwarrior RPG in the late 80's and have been playing off and on ever since. Over the years I have amassed a large collection of source books, mini's and novels to support my addiction. As a hobby I write, primarily in the RPG/Wargaming areas, and have had some things actually published. My ventures into the Battletech universe were accepted by the now apocryphal BattleTechnology and printed in their "The Early Years" special edition. Currently I work when I have too, play when I can, write when I may and collect rejection notices in my copious spare time.

Completed Projects[edit]

Bannockburn's Bandits Completed

Rewrite and cleanup to clear plagiarism tag

Wilson's Hussars Completed

Rewrite and cleanup to clear plagiarism tag
Looks good now thanks to the hard work of Doneve. Thanks again and still looks marvelous :)

Hyades Light Infantry‎ Completed

Cleanup and clarify

Colonial Marshals Completed

updated article and cleared update tag

Gordon's Armored Cavalry

Cleanup and clarify

Created page Protector of the Realm to define the leader of the Taurian Concordat

Created Bio of Jeffrey Calderon

Brion's Legion Completed

Going to work on rewrite and cleanup of article

Created Hyades Cluster page

Created Bio of Cham Kithrong

History of the Free Rasalhague Republic Done for now

Rewrite and cleanup to clear plagiarism tag. Check to see if duplicated elsewhere
Rewritten and consolidated first 3 sections into a History section. Need to add references for this portion
Worked on government section to clear issues. Needs references when I can find this reference at home
Rewritten and consolidated Political section and fixed major goof I almost did.
Rewritten Economy section and added citations from 20 year update, which was were most if not all original article was from
Rewrite on article completed. Still needs to have more sources added
Have taken relevant sections and added them to KungsArme and Free Rasalhague Republic pages and cleared these from the History page.

Created Special Asteroid Support Force article

Created Taurian Velites article

Needs updating with information past 3058 if available

Created Taurian Guards article

Needs updating with information past 3058 if available

Current Projects[edit]

List of stuff I am working on (mostly to remind me for later)

Need to research Mark XX Laser Rifle to see if I can find enough info for article

Need to update XTC Marine page with more information from the research on SASF

Taurian Guards Corps

Need to write and get current information in article to get it up to standards. Have put an under construction tag on it
updated page with information I have available

Need to make articles for Grover Shraplin as well as the various Doru that are floating about in the Taurian Concordat and other Periphery realms

Need to research Periphery nations military academies

Taurian Ecole Militaire and any others in the TC
Outworlds Alliance

Need to research Intelligence organizations in the Periphery

Taurian Concordats Taurian Military Intelligence or TMI
Information can be found in A Guide to Covert Ops
Magistracy's Magistracy Intelligence Ministry
Need to update with information from the other Covert Ops sourcebook
Outworlds Alliance
Information can be found in A Guide to Covert Ops

Need to expand and update Erik Martens-Calderon article

Need to create bio of Talia Martens

Need to create bio of Hadji Doru

Future Plans and Ideas[edit]

In the future I am going to focus on updating Periphery units and nations and bios of characters important in the Periphery