Internet identity. Probably human, although his name sounds like something out of the Goetia.

I was first introduced to the universe of BattleTech in the mid-to-late 1990's. This was through the great game that was MechWarrior 2. Now I enjoy the BTU (BattleTech Universe) because of its amount of background, interesting technology use, and the sheer power associated with these avatar-like engines of destruction. Back then, I just liked it 'cause it was real cool, and I could do "'som crazy killin's wit em." I eventually found out more about BattleTech through the novels and even bought MechWarrior 3 (although, the copy I purchased never would install and would just erase my hard-drive. I hope it doesn't do it again). Video games were one of my favorite things, so it was logical for me to explore the universe through that medium. And let me tell 'ya, that is fun.


  • Age: 17 ("going on 195." the punk. -Ed.)
  • Location: Mount "Pleasant", South Carolina
  • Areas of Interest: Occult, BattleTech (duh), Warhammer 40,000, weapons, history (both military & in general)
  • BattleTech Wiki Role: Redirect pages up-the-wazoo, new articles when possible
  • Current BT Novel: Threads of Ambition
  • Current BT Games: BT: N/A VG: MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, MechWarrior 3
  • Actual First Name: Ian (ee-UHN)

Can Help With...[edit]

  • Any redirects. Yep. BIG surprise...
  • How weapons work. Trust me, I like weapons.
  • General editing & typo removal (because information is more important than spelling, so leave the latter to me).
  • I don't know...other stuff?

Various Notes of Dubious Usefulness[edit]

  • The greatest of liars...are those most trusted.
  • So Death to the Mortal Man, so Failure to the Immortal. Such is the price of all ambition.
  • Liao is CA-RAZY!!!
  • "Your enemy is not surrounding your country, your enemy is ruling your country." - George W. Bush
  • Death is not negative. Without entropy, nothing would ever change; all would be stagnant. The world would have ended centuries ago.
  • "Well, they can't all be winners."
  • Death And Damnation . . . is my motto.


- The legacy of the Dark Gothick God is one which can guide those chosen by him to a state  -
- of development wherein they have attained a permanent (immortal) consciousness which is   -
- free to act or not act in the material universe as it desires. This consciousness becomes -
- privy to all manner of secrets of life and death and life in death. The price for this    -
- attainment is contained in the cost of attaining it--for one who has been so chosen there -
- can be no rest, no respite from the Quest which is, and remains, the Eternal Work.        -