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  • Hi, CJKeys: welcome aboard! I've been following your work over at MechWikia and I'm glad you decided to bring it over here for the potential merger.
I do have a request of you, however: can you please use the code provided for in the Quick Start page for creating 'Mech articles? I've incorporated most of the same design you developed at MechWikia, but have included at least three differences: a description panel (where before it was unlabeled) and code for automatically including all new 'Mechs into categories, so they can be quickly found in one category location (see the bottom of your Mercury article and the Category:BattleMechs at the bottom to see what I mean). The template is also named differently (InfoBoxBattleMech), to allow for easier identification by later editors. I'm going back through your submissions now to add that Categories code, but if you use the template I've created for here at BattleTechWiki, it'll insure that all the articles are similarly formatted. (You can quickly find the QuickStart code on the Help link.)
Again, I'm glad you're here. I was deliberately delaying working on the 'Mech articles because I felt your article design was near-perfect. Revanche 00:45, 27 September 2006 (CDT)
Thanks, I based my format for the Mechs off of the format that wikipedia uses for actual military equiptment. I used the article for the Abrams MBT as my format. I will look at the new format for the mechbox and such as well as the category tags and familiarize myself so that everything is uniform.--CJKeys 08:16, 27 September 2006 (CDT)
Thanks, I appreciate that. Revanche 10:20, 27 September 2006 (CDT)
  • CJKeys, I've added in the BV (1.0) code line for 'Mechs (and will be for every other unit type, as I develop their templates and quick-start codes). I'll backfill your completed entries, but can you be sure to include that in your future codes, as well? If you don't know the BV for a particular 'Mech, just leave the '???' in and a future editor will get it. Revanche 03:03, 28 September 2006 (CDT)
Noth a problem. I use the TROs but also use HMP to look up the varaints so putting BV in shouldnt be a problem at all. .--CJKeys
Great, thanks, man. I worked for several hours tonight getting it in the past units. Glad I decided to do it now, rather until you're done with all your uploads! :-) Revanche 09:48, 28 September 2006 (CDT)
  • CJ (may I call you 'CJ'?), when I was working on the Sparrowhawk article, it occurred to me that I had to look thru several books to get all the variants added. I relaized, these units need a ==References== subsection, so I've added them to the QuickCreate stuff. Please, don't feel like you have to back-fill in all those 'mechs you've already done; they'll work thier own way in on their on (as we grow). Can you include, tho, linked references for the future entries? --Revanche 21:42, 6 October 2006 (CDT)
  • CJ, can you please take a look at Template:InfoBoxJumpShip? The cost field appears to be screwy, and for the life of me I don't know why. Any help you can can provide would be appreciated. --Revanche 20:42, 9 October 2006 (CDT)

Two things…[edit]

  1. I think I've got a handle on the parser extensions and they seem to be installed. If you want, I can probably modify the templates for the weapons to do about half of the work for you. Since this would be a rather complex template (to make, not to use), it would take a few days at a minimum for me to whip up. If you want me to do it, don't spend too much time getting the weapon templates perfect (as the template calls will need to be changed). I just want confirmation that you're interested before I start. If so, I'll get to work on it tomorrow.
  2. Just to let you know, I am impressed. Incredible job. It's rare to see someone so dedicated. I know from experience just how all the work you've done can be uplifting, but (paradoxically) incredibly draining at the same time. I, and everyone interested in the 'Mechs, have much to thank you for. --Xoid 08:34, 17 November 2006 (CST)
thanks, I woudl appreciate the template. I have been messign aroud with gettign something to work out with having both tech bases. As far as the work I have done on the 'Mechs no thanks are necesarry I have a love of the technical aspect of the game myself.--CJKeys 09:40, 17 November 2006 (CST)
No, you deserve the 'thanks,' without doubt. If it hadn't been for your new article generation, I'm sure my interest in the project would have been a lot less. I feel your 'Mech articles (and now weapons work) shows the level of interest this site could generate, if we can demonstrate and recruit people with your level of interest. Just between you, me & the rest of the wiki, if/when we start up the awards system, I've got you at the top of my 'deserving' list. --Revanche (admin) 08:47, 18 November 2006 (CST)
Hm, after looking through Parser Extensions again, and experimenting with it a touch, I can definitively say that it is not powerful enough to do what I had in mind, not without quickly making the template all but illegible and incredibly counter intuitive. Instead of that, I could make a InfoBoxWeapon2 for weapons that have both IS and Clanner equivalents. There wouldn't be much to change, but it'd be mainly for visual consistency.
There was one minor change to templates that's possible with Parser Extensions that you may be interested in, though; I could make it so that instead of needing to type "Inner Sphere" or "Clan", just a "IS" or "C" would be automatically converted into that. While I don't see you using it that much, it could nip a potential future problem in the bud before it happens. --Xoid 02:11, 20 November 2006 (CST)
If I may weigh in, even though CJKeys is much more involved in this, I'd like you to do exactly this. I do need to build a Help page for building these soonest, so I'll keep an eye out for this second template of yours and build it into that page, as an example. Thanks, Xoid. --Revanche (admin) 02:17, 20 November 2006 (CST)

Word Macro[edit]

  • CJKeys, not sure if this is something you can use, but I found a macro on Wikipedia's tools section, that translates a document into the wppropriately wikified article. It also supposedly uploads it to the wiki you want it to, but (because it originated in Germany), I'm not perfectly clear on that. I tested it on some house rules I have written up, and it did very well with bold, italics, underline and tables...yes, tables. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll e-mail it to you. --Revanche (admin) 09:41, 19 November 2006 (CST)

Userbar Bestowed[edit]

  • CJKeys, I wish I could say this was an award, but we haven't developed that program yet. However, in spite of my being unable to say, "I award you with this...," I did commission Skuggi to make this for you, leading me to also commission a version for the rest of us members. I really recommend you post this on your userpage (maybe under the section called Userbars?):

BTW PLBattleMechs.jpg

Now, as you are the Project Lead, I'll leave it to you to bestow the Project Member: BattleMechs userbar on the rest of us (via our talk pages). See BattleTechWiki:Project BattleMechs for that userbar. (Your's shouldn't be posted there, since its limited to one person.)--Revanche (admin) 01:49, 20 November 2006 (CST)

New template in the works[edit]

See Help talk:Sandbox. I'm trying to get the Common.css to update so I can finish optimising the blasted thing, but I guess I'll have to wait an hour or so until the cache magically purges itself. It won't change much from that.--Xoid 21:21, 1 December 2006 (CST)

{{ProjectBattleMech}} has been superseded by {{WikiProject BattleMechs}}. Please use {{WikiProject BattleMechs}} from now on. Please take a look, and read the necessary documentation there. --Xoid 09:52, 7 December 2006 (CST)
Also; I've made modifications to {{InfoBoxBattleMech}}. Please look at it as well. The changes have 'mangled' previous entries. A list of entries fixed so far is available at my todo page. I will be working on these as my first priority (I am proofreading and categorising them too as I repair 'em, which is why only eight have been done out of the one-hundred and forty-eight there are total). Please make yourself familiar with the changes to the template before going ahead with any more articles. They're only minor changes, but it's a move for standardisation that's sorely needed. --Xoid 09:56, 7 December 2006 (CST)
I have changed a good number of 'Mechs to fit the formatting. you can see them on my user page--CJKeys 09:13, 8 December 2006 (CST)
I've been watching, as well as doing a number of substantial edits myself. We make a good team, you and I; we're knocking off a lot of 'em rather quickly when it comes right down to it. Frankly… fixing the parameters is the sort of tedious, boring task we should be using a bot for, but I don't have the resources to code one. :/
I'll take a break to work on fixing some of the (as yet) unused templates before they become as much of an effort this was. --Xoid 09:21, 8 December 2006 (CST)
Yeah, that would be a good idea, fixing the templates that is. I don't mind doing the tedious work. I take pride in it. I am probly done for the day as far as fixes though as I need to get ready for work and tonight I am goign to a hockey game so I probly wont be hioem again till sometime tomorrow morning. Oh, one other thing. havent run into any TSM powered 'Mechs yet but you may want to add somethign for TSM as there is for MASC as it alters the 'Mechs speed when activated.--CJKeys 09:26, 8 December 2006 (CST)

Mech name standardisation[edit]

Wouldn't it be easier to just have the Clan 'Mech name, then redirect the Inner Sphere name to it? --Xoid 21:23, 1 December 2006 (CST)

The reasoning behind the standardisation using both the clan and Inner Sphere name is that the 'Mech is known by both names. The names that were referenced were the Inner SPhere names and it is more professional and also more accurate to use both names for the 'Mechs that have them. This way when a new person is on a Inner SPhere centric page and clicks on Mad Cat it takes them to a page that shows right at the top Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and dont scratch their heads wondering where the Mad Cat entry is. Also prevents duplicates ( a Mad Cat page and a Timberwolf Page) and confusion in situations like the Viper (Dragonfly) and Black Python (Viper). --CJKeys 23:11, 1 December 2006 (CST)
Huh? You can create pages to other pages, so there's no duplication of content. e.g., making the 'Cheeseburger' page contain nothing but '#REDIRECT [[Burger]]' would send anyone looking for 'Cheeseburger' to the 'Burger' page. About the confusion: it's going to be there anyway. If they've only heard of the 'Viper', they'll go to the Viper page, where they'll need to figure out what's where they want to go from there. Cases like that is where disambiguation pages come in. Or 'X redirects here, for the Clan 'Mech, see Y', or some such. That's how it's done on Wikipedia, and it works extremely well. It's practically impossible to get lost once the articles are in place. --Xoid 00:18, 2 December 2006 (CST)
I know you can redirect to a different page. Because the 'mech has a dual set of names though there is the possibility of dual pages and instead of tryign to stick to either the Inner SPhere or Clan naming conventions it would just be easier to use both at the same time so that someone who is a hardcore clan person cant get in an edit war with someone over the merits of renamign the Mad Cat article the Timber Wolf Article. I kind of see it as a compromise that will most likely avoid future conflict from either viewpoint or either side of the table as it were.--CJKeys 09:12, 2 December 2006 (CST)
Ah, I see where you're coming from there, although I'm certain people will end up getting into a revert war over whether it's Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) or Timber Wolf (Mad Cat). (Remind me to make a 'lamest edit wars' page if that ever happens.) I'll just go and redirect Timber Wolf to Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), and the like then, if you haven't already. --Xoid 17:42, 2 December 2006 (CST)
I woudl hop ethere isnt ever an edit war like that. The again on Wikipedia Im sure edit wars have started over less.--CJKeys 17:37, 3 December 2006 (CST)
You two rock. Excellent drive for consensus. --Revanche (admin) 18:53, 2 December 2006 (CST)

Credit at[edit]

  • Its almost as if he /knew/ you had helmed such a project and was begging me to comment: A Comprehensive TRO. Good job, ma-man. --Revanche (admin) 00:09, 11 January 2007 (CST)
    • Speaking of which I need to get that ball rolling again. I have been having a pretty rough time lately. Both cars broke down and now I have one running and am trying to get a day off work so I can fix the other but my requests keeps getting shot down. Need to get it all back in order and I will be good to roll again. Almost done with the 3058 goodies though and then 2 TROs left for Inner Sphere. Thankfully not nearly as much Clan stuff so shouldnt be as hard. And thank you very much for the shout out. --CJKeys 09:24, 11 January 2007 (CST)


OK, before I put any more effort into it, I thought it'd be best to get your opinion. McKenna's pic - I cleaned it up. Is it desirable to clean the artefacts off an image, or is using unmodified canon images a requirement? --Xoid 03:10, 28 January 2007 (CST)

It is beautiful. I pulled ut my old TRO 2750 for comparison and it seems to be just fine. I like it better cleaned up without the extra little reference lines or whatever they were on it. I always thought that it made the pictures lok unfinished when they did that anyway. Superb job. --CJKeys 23:19, 28 January 2007 (CST)
:D Thanks! Can you believe it was only a few minutes work with the whiteout tool for the most part? --Xoid 02:02, 29 January 2007 (CST)

BV on Combat Vehicles[edit]

Hi CJKeys. I've been adding some combat vehicles whenever time permits. I've put in just two, I think, so far. Regardless, I don't have the ability to calculate BV on those entries and wanted to let you know so that you or someone else with HMP can add that information. Otherwise, I've added what I can from the TRO 3026. I'll keep working on that in my copious free time (ha!) and do what I can to help flesh out those sections. Thanks! Bdevoe 11:28, 7 August 2007 (CDT)

I appreciate you doin the combat vehicle entries. Im still backtracign and catching up with where I should be with the Clan toys for the 'Mechs and also going back through the TRO 3050U to fill out the infoboxes with all the new info on the manufacturers and stuff. CJKeys 08:15, 8 August 2007 (CDT)


Good to see you back. Planning on staying? --Scaletail 19:00, 26 March 2008 (CDT)

real life kinda kickedme in the pants and I have taken over for the local commando....been busy. good to be back., ok, cant find key on laptop to make tildes.....CJKeys 00:55, 27 March 2008 (CDT)

Congrats on being a Commando. Welcome back. --Scaletail 17:44, 27 March 2008 (CDT)
I just took over for him, not a commando yet. Basically I GM but I cant run any of the official games yet. I have an app in with Paul to get that taken care of and hopefully before my next game I will be a commando. Put the app in back in october when we knew that our commando would be out for a while and found out that the app adres had changed recently so I re-sent to the new address. CJKeys 23:44, 28 March 2008 (CDT)