Vehicular Direct Neural Interface

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The Vehicular Direct Neural Interface was a special type of cybernetic implant developed for the Manei Domini. The system worked in principle similar to the Clans' Enhanced Imaging system, allowing MechWarriors, aerospace fighter pilots, battle armor troopers and even combat vehicle and Small Craft crews to "become one" with their machines. Unlike the EI system, however, VDNI was able to ward off the short-term negative effects of the technology by employing improved circuit breakers and forcing users to regularly ingest a special chemical agent.[1]

Still, those who used VDNI slowly lost their sanity over the years and, unless removed, by decade's end suffered terminal brain damage. While allowing a single pilot to control an entire vehicle on their own in place of the normal crew, the pilot still had to possess the requisite skills effectively to do so. The extensive systems necessary for a VDNI-equipped vehicle to function also meant no one without VDNI implants could pilot the vehicle. VDNI was incompatible with Buffered VDNI and only available to Manei Domini of Omega rank and higher.[1]



In CBT play VDNI units receive a -1 modifier for all Gunnery and Piloting rolls. Unless the warrior is also equipped with a Pain Shunt, any internal structure damage and critical hits requires a roll of 2D6, with the warrior suffering 1 point of damage on a result of 8 or more. VDNI-equipped vehicles require only one pilot to operate and use the MechWarrior Consciousness Table to track damage to the pilot, while any Commander Hit, Gunner Hit and Crew Stunned results are treated as pilot hits.[1]


In RPG play, a VDNI-implanted operative with the requisite skills and plugged into a machine equipped to interface receives +1 bonus to all Piloting checks along with certain Gunnery checks. If the machine suffers internal damage or a critical hit, they must make a BOD/WIL check or suffer 2D6 points of damage plus their margin of error. Gamemasters who wish to account for VDNI's madness effect may grant warriors 1 level of any Madness Trait per two full years of implantation.[1]


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