Vampires Stables

Vampires Stables
Colors/Badge White vampire fangs, trimmed in dripping red blood
Stable Profile
Rating C- (3055)
Faction Affiliation None, but tendencies towards Steiner and Davion
Units Used
BattleMechs 10 (3055)


Vampires Stable is a 'Mech fighting stable based on Solaris VII. Officially it is a non-affiliated stable, but Federated Commonwealth leanings have been noted.


The Vampires were a rising stable for almost two years, but a string of losses cost the stable the vast majority of its income and some of its most talented MechWarriors. As things deteriorated, their scruples slid and in 3054 they were caught tampering with their opponents' ammunition and banned from the primary arenas. They relocated to Xolara, but additional issues and charges of theft ended up with the stable only being accepted in the King of the Mountain arena.[1]

Around 3055 the Vampires became embroiled in a bar room brawl with the newly formed Hombres Stables, spawning a feud between both stables that resulted in a series of memorable grudge matches.[2]

After robbing a VEST prototype, what followed was a spectacular loss to VEST in a grudge match. That and the increasing evidence that they were engaged in underworld work, made the Vampires Stable reportedly collapse. By 3067 the Stable had closed.[3], but despite this, frequent tales exists of a Vampire Stables supposedly fighting out in the boondocks of Solaris VII in Class One and Two matches.[4]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

Notable Personnel[edit]



  • Velma Jankara - Master Instructor
  • Gomez Long - When a disabling injury in his right arm during a match left him incapable of Arena Combat, he started working as an instructor for Stables, and in 3054 he was hired by Joshua Ling to instruct the Vampires Stables pilots.[5][6]


14 MechWarriors were fighting for Vampires Stables.

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Dick "The Blade" Benson Civil War Doubles as StableMaster [1]
Velma Jankara Civil War Doubles as Master Instructor [7]




The Vampires have a small 'Mech-repair shop in Xolara that is gradually deteriorating as it is in dire economic straits.[1]


In 3055 - the stable has a 25% cut of its MechWarriors' winnings. The MechWarriors receive a 800 C-Bill salary a month. The Vampires have started cheating and thieving to make ends meet recently. The stable has 19 'Mechs. It is expected that Warrior magazine will lower the stable's rating to a "D" or lower in the next annual review.[1]


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