Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Comitatus


The Vanguard was a Comitatus-class JumpShip in the Clan Jade Falcon touman.

During Operation REVIVAL, the Vanguard and its attached Aqueduct-class DropShip Provider 427 served as a mobile refueling and resupply base for ships mapping systems on the fringes of the invasion corridor, under Star Captain Otto von Jankmon. In this function, the Vanguard arrived in the St. Jean system on January 7, 3050, where the ground forces it carried (under Star Captain Amado Roshak) would occupy the local monastery of Franciscan monks[1] and turn it into a surface cargo storage facility.[2] They also seized a partly disassembled recharge station and a DropShip maintenance yard at the zenith jump point. Clan Jade Falcon hoped to use St. Jean as a "watering hole" for their precariously thin supply lines between the Clan homeworlds and the Inner Sphere.[1]


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