Vanguard Legion

Vanguard Legion.jpg
Vanguard Legion
Disbanded 3069
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

The mercenary unit Vanguard Legion was among the defenders of New Syrtis in the FedCom Civil War.


The Vanguard Legion worked for the Draconis Combine and ComStar in their mission to find the way to the Clan homeworlds. They were unsuccessful, but the Vanguard Legion received a whole lance of Kuritan BattleMechs as a reward for their service.

Later, they worked for the Lyran Commonwealth/Alliance, where they encountered difficulties. Details are unknown, but since then the Vanguard Legion has demonstrated a deep indiscriminate hatred for all Lyrans.

In 3062, they signed a three-year contract with the Federated Commonwealth (which by then was reduced to the Federated Suns half). At the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War, they were deployed to New Syrtis.

In 3065 they signed a new contract with Duke George Hasek. They were among the defenders of New Syrtis against pro-Katherine forces. Despite weeks of brutal fighting, the Legion held out, emerging as the lynchpin of Hasek's defense. During the final battle, they began executing Lyran soldiers who had already surrendered. They only stopped when Lieutenant-Colonel Grayson Addison (in a Templar) from the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers defeated his former friend Colonel Chad Dean (in a Hatamoto-Chi).

After the invaders had been repelled, the unit redeployed to a maneuver area, with the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers preventing all contact with the public. The exact relationship between Duke George Hasek and his units is unknown.

During the Capellan/Capellan March hostilities early during the Jihad, the Vanguard Legion was deployed to Taygeta but ended up retreating in late August 3069 in the face of an overwhelming enemy (3rd MAC + First and Second St. Ives Lancers). The unit lost the second battalion after a fatal misjump by one of their hired JumpShips, Wind of Olam.[1]

The unit defended New Syrtis against the CCAF forces with the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers. As a result of misunderstanding the unit suffered heavy losses. Only the assassination of Duke Hasek through a Blake operator helped the unit to survive the brutal fights.

Having been effectively destroyed during the defense of New Syrtis in 3069,[2] the surviving members of the Vanguard Legion were the subject of emergency war power acts which saw them drafted into the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers.[3]

By the time of the Dark Age, those that shared roots with the Vanguard Legion formed the Ghost Legion part of the Swordsworn Military Coalition. [4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Vanguard Legion
Colonel Chad “G" Allen 3059[5]
Colonel Chad Dean 3067[6]


Fielding mostly heavy 'Mechs, the Vanguard Legion prefers decisive strikes against their enemies.[6]


As of 3067 the Vanguard Legion were operating three DropShips, the Overlord-class DropShips Hammer of the Gods and Swift Strike, and the smaller Union-class Fist of Fury.[6]

Composition History[edit]


Vanguard Legion (2 battalions/Veteran/Fanatical) [5]

  • CO: Colonel Chad “G" Allen[5]


Vanguard Legion (1 Regiment with 90% Clan technology)[6]

  • CO/Colonel Chad Dean
    • XO/Lt. Colonel Angie Binks
  • 1st Battalion: Major Ashton Allyson
  • 2nd Battalion: Major Trevor Dean
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Colin Chesley



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