Devon Cortland

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Devon Cortland
Also known as "Vapula"
Affiliation Word of Blake
Manei Domini
Profession Precentor

Devon Cortland (b. ???? – d. ????), also known as Vapula, was a weapons designer for the Word of Blake. He designed the Celestial series[1][2] OmniMechs, Demon Series Battle Armor[3], as well as the Spectral Series OmniFighters. He may have influenced the Serpentus Series of vehicles and the Spectral LAMs as well.


Early life[edit]

Little is known of Cortland's early life. He came to the Word of Blake's attention during the development of the Toyama BattleMech. He suggested the Celestial series OmniMechs to Precentor Apollyon in the early years of the Jihad and was sent to Terra immediately after Case White to begin production.[4]

Posted at Sekkaris Mekwerks on Mars, Cortland became its chief designer and the facility became virtually his sole preserve as his Celestials came to life.[5]

By 3070 the first Celestial prototypes were completed and Cortland had reached the rank of Adept for his efforts. At this time he met Opacus Venatori Benjamin Emory, as Apollyon requested two of the prototypes be assigned to "Shadow Hunters".[6] During this period Dr. Cortland also helped develop the Triple Core Processor implant designed to link with the Buffered VDNI of the Manei Domini. [7]

Precentor of Technology[edit]

For his immeasurable aid to the Blakist cause, Devon Cortland was made the Manei Domini's Precentor of Technology sometime prior to 3071 when he Ascended, given the name of Vapula.[8] Stationed on Gibson at Gibson Federated BattleMechs at this time, Vapula killed one of the members of the New Gibson Freedom League during a strike against the facility on the 5th of November of that year, the facility taking minor damage though seven engineers and thirteen laborers were killed in the attack. [9]


As Stone's Coalition struck towards Terra, Vapula lost faith with The Master and surrendered to elements of the Northwind Highlanders in October 3078. Once again using his birth name and with the bulk of his cybernetic implants removed, on December 30th 3078 Cortland met Lin Murakami on Rigil Kent for debriefing. Still having trouble separating himself from the Manei Domini and being somewhat aggravating and vague, at this time Cortland would discuss with Murakami a number of topics including The Five as a sign of good faith. [10]


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