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Production information
Manufacturer General Motors
Production Year 2732[1]
Mission Transport
Technical specifications
Mass 22
Armor Mitchell Argon Ferro-Fibrous
Engine LTV 125 Fusion
Speed 129 kph (Cruising)
194 kph (Max) km/h
Crew 2
Communications System IrComm ICM-3200b
Targeting Tracking System Garret D6a II
Heat Sinks 10

1x Small Pulse Laser
2x Medium Lasers

BV (1.0) ????
BV (2.0) 512[2]


The Star League Defense Force requested the next generation of combat support VTOL in 2708. It took more than two decades with hundreds of different people being involved and only finally getting realistic specifications laid out by Aleksandr Kerensky. It was finally awarded to General Motors who created a VTOL which could replace other VTOLs in their specific roles with one design which would simplify the replacement parts process. The design also incorporated a Fusion Engine to power the craft and the energy weapons which would eliminate the need for a fuel source and ammunition dependency.[3]

By the middle of the twenty-eight century, over ten thousand Vectors were manufactured allowing every infantry brigade in the SLDF to possess at least one battalion of the VTOL.[3]

The Vector proved itself time and time again during the Periphery Uprising and the Amaris Civil War. While the specialized VTOLs were grounded due to not having any spare parts around, the Vectors were able to keep flying due to the cannibalization of parts from other craft.[3]

By the end of the twenty-ninth century, all surviving Vectors had been scrapped.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The primary configuration of the Vector was used for transporting a full infantry platoon. In order to achieve its primary purpose, it sported a nose mounted Small Pulse Laser which was controlled by the helmet of the pilot and the gunner which allowed for suppressive fire while the two Medium Lasers mounted in the wings allowed for strafing runs against massed targets.[3]


  • Electronic Warfare 
    The EW Vector replaced the infantry seats in place for a Guardian ECM Suite and added a Small Laser with Target Acquisition Gear in the nose.[3]
  • Attack 
    The Attack Vector replaced the weapons for those with a stronger punch. It contained a payload of a nose mounted Medium Laser and a pair of SRM 4 launchers on the wings.[3]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Vector is subject to the following Design Quirks[3]:


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