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Vega nearby systems
Vega nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -3.63 : 106.615[e]
Spectral class A0V[1][2][3]
Recharge time 161 hours[3]
Recharge station(s) Nadir[3]
Planets 8[2][3]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Vega VII[edit]

Vega VII
Orbital view
Orbital view
System position 7th[2][3]
Jump point
Moons None (asteroid ring)[2][3]
Surface gravity 0.98[2][3]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2][3]
Equatorial temperature 45°C (Arid)[2][3]
Surface water 21%[2][3]
Highest native life None[1][2][3]
Reference Year 3025[1] - 3136[3]
Ruler Marianne Vron, Duke of Vega (3025)[1]
Olivia Vron, Governor (3130)[2][54]
Francis Nguyen, Legate (3130)[54]
Capital Neucason[2]
Population 2,284,000,000 (3025)[1]
2,324,000,000 (3039)[55]
3,012,000,000 (3130)[2][54]
2,997,000,000 (3136)[3]
Socio-Industrial Levels A-C-B-C-B[3]
HPG (Representative) B (Precentor Noren Glover) (3025)[1]
A (nonfunctional in 3136)[3]

Planetary Overview[edit]

Vega is a world rich in minerals, metallic ores, and fresh water, and has three landmasses: North Nanturo, South Nanturo and Forsair. By the time it joined the Draconis Combine, Vega was home to a series of industrial complexes producing everything from medical equipment to armored vehicle components. These businesses were required to follow strict environmental protection laws to support the terraforming process. The success of these terraforming efforts allowed the Vegans to import horses and camels from Terra; these animals thrived in the environment.[2]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

After joining the Combine, Vega quickly became important to the Draconis economy. Due to this significance, it was made the capital world of the Vega Prefecture. The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery established a garrison on the planet because it had been attacked several times by the Lyran Commonwealth.[2]

Age of War[edit]

After a bloody two-pronged invasion into the Lyran Commonwealth in 2407, the Archon of the Commonwealth, Alistair Marsden, intuited that not only was another Combine invasion of the Commonwealth almost certain, but that stockpiles for the invasion were almost certainly being assembled on Vega. Archon Marsden gathered the reserves he had left into a strike force and in early 2408, he struck Vega. Caught unprepared and with only a scattered, piecemeal defense, the DCMS was unable to offer much resistance and the Lyran forces destroyed huge quantities of supplies, ammunition and equipment in what was the first large-scale victory for the Commonwealth. So much matériel was destroyed that the Combine was forced to postpone its invasion plans.[6]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2569, Hehiro Kurita signed the Treaty of Vega, bringing the Draconis Combine into the Star League.[56] Ironically, Vega would also see several skirmishes between the Star League Defense Force and DCMS during General Aleksandr Kerensky's drive to remove Stefan Amaris from Terra, mainly since Minoru Kurita banned Kerensky from entering the Draconis Combine due to the hostage crisis involving Kurita family members on Terra.[57]

Second Succession War[edit]

During the darkest days of the Second Succession War, the Lyran Commonwealth was losing worlds steadily to both the Draconis Combine and the Free Worlds League, and the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces neared the point of collapse, particularly in the 2860s and 2870s. As the 2870s drew to a close, the LCAF regained some of its confidence and launched a number of attempts to recapture some of the worlds that had been lost, but still couldn't keep pace with the rate at which worlds were being captured. The Combine continued to push towards the important world of Skye, and by 2884 Vega had been captured along with the worlds of Balkan, Kessel, Port Moseby, Ryde and Skondia and the DCMS was on the verge of being able to threaten Skye directly.[20]

War of 3039[edit]

During the War of 3039, Vega was invaded by the 3rd Lyran Guards, the 3rd Davion Guards, Snord's Irregulars, the 1st Grave Walkers, and the 17th Recon Regiment. The world was defended by the 14th Legion of Vega and the 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group. The mercenary forces attacked the Amphigeans, holding them in place. The Fifth Amphigean LAG sent their third battalion to harass the mercenary units' flanks, and Snord's Irregulars responded by destroying the battalion. Combined with the losses the other two battalions had sustained, this was too much, and the Fifth evacuated the world.[58]

The Fourteenth Legion of Vega faced the Third Davion Guards and Third Lyran Guards. The two FedCom units held the Legion in place, and once the Fifth Amphigean LAG evacuated the mercenary units turned to face the Legion. The Legion of Vega was trapped between two fronts, and rather than be destroyed they also evacuated the world. The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces established a forward command area on Vega, and sent the Third Lyran Guards to their next target.[59] While participating in planning sessions, many of the LCAF field commanders were killed by a DEST-planted bomb.[60] This threw the defenders into chaos, and the arrival of the Second Legion of Vega, 14th Legion of Vega, and Second Dieron Regulars made things worse. The LCAF forces were scattered across the planet, and when the Grave Walkers and Snord's Irregulars were sent off-world,[61] the DCMS forces turned their full attention to the Third Davion Guards. Faced with almost certain defeat, the Third Guards evacuated the world.[62]

The Jihad[edit]

Vega was attacked by the Word of Blake in mid-May 3069 in a two-week campaign that saw the Word of Blake use both their own forces and hired mercenaries to conquer the planet by conventional means.[40] In late August 3075[41] Xi Galaxy[63] of Clan Ghost Bear arrived and launched a campaign to liberate the planet, ignoring all hails from Draconis Combine forces.[41][42]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the Jihad, Vega was one world ceded to the Republic of the Sphere. It was made the capital world of Prefecture I. In 3131, Draconis Combine agents triggered a massive economic depression on the world by causing a catastrophic bank collapse. Over the next year, the local government worked to restart the economy, but the HPG blackout, the death of the planetary governor, and the destruction of the government complex by a militia fighter packed with explosives, derailed these plans.[64] On the 6th of March 3133 the Dragon's Fury raided Vega[65] but Katana Tormark's effort to capture the world and prove her loyalty to Coordinator Vincent Kurita were a failure thanks to the robust efforts of the planetary militia.[66] An assault by the 3rd New Samarkand Regulars was repelled in 3133,[67] but cost the defenders their popular leader when Legate Francis Nguyen was killed.[65] Vega broke down into a series of armed camps headed by various Warlords.[48]

Clan Ghost Bear sent their Omega Galaxy to Vega to help stabilize the world. They soon destroyed all the warlords, and by 3136, the situation had calmed, and the Ghost Bears were well on their way to reestablishing a functional government, though they were facing some terrorist attacks, with Galaxy Commander Isis Bekker suspecting were getting support by Speaker of Labor Chance Elba.[68] The Draconis Combine sent the 44th Benjamin Regulars to take the world, but the Bears and Vegan defense forces were able to repel the DCMS forces. The Combine then sent the 44th Benjamin and the 5th Sword of Light to take the world. This time they were repelled by the Bears, Vegan defense force, and the 12th Vegan Rangers mercenary unit. The 12th Vegan Rangers later accepted an offer to have a permanent home within the nascent Vegan Protectorate.[48]

Over the next eight years Vega served as capital of its small nation and strengthened its ties to the Rasalhague Dominion, until June 3144 when the Protectorate was absorbed into the Dominion as a semi-autonomous province.[50][69]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fourth Skye Rangers[71]




  • Fourteenth Legion of Vega[74]


  • Second Legion of Vega[74]




- At this point in time, the I Triarii was at 30% of full strength, with 53% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.



  • First Vegan Regulars[78]


Vega is a hot and dry world.[79] The world three continents are named North Nanturo, South Nanturo and Forsair.[55]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Neucason: the capital city on Vega. The city has many government buildings as befits a prefecture capital. A monorail connects the city with Nasew. The people generally travel in electric cars or ride horses.[79]
  • Nasew: a large city on the planet's only ocean.[79]
  • The Pyramids of New Egypt. They were built during the Star League era. The five pyramids were the whim of an eccentric megabillionaire, Akem Sanders, who believed in the pantheistic religions of the ancient Egyptians. He had the pyramids built as a sign of his devotion. Since then, there have been many attempts to burrow into or under the pyramids in search of treasure, but nothing has ever been found.[79]

Industrial Centers[edit]



Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 56 systems (54 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Eltanin 7.5 New Wessex 11.1 Gamma Sagittarius 11.4 Cebalrai 13.6
Kaus Borealis 18.2 Konstance 19.5 Kannon 19.7 Kessel 24.8
Kaus Australis 25.0 Tsukude 27.0 Shionoha 27.8 Baxter 28.3
Juniper 28.5 Kaus Media 28.9 Alrakis 29.6 Alya 31.6
Phalan 32.2 Kimball 32.8 Komephoros 33.8 Nai-Stohl 34.6
Balkan 36.3 Corridan 37.4 Marfik 38.0 Accrington 38.9
Talisker 40.3 Ascella 40.5 Aubisson 40.7 Eaglesham 40.8
Altais 41.0 Yed Posterior 42.5 Moore 43.6 La Blon 44.0
Dromini 44.0 Ryde 44.3 Rukbat 45.8 Kuzuu 48.1
Shitara 49.3 Sakhalin 49.5 Sabik 50.4 Kingtribel 50.9
Lambrecht 51.9 Buckminster 52.5 Symington 54.0 Port Moseby 54.1
Alexandria 54.8 Dalkeith 55.9 Lone Star 56.2 Atria 56.3
Unukalhai 56.4 Izar 57.1 Shimosuwa 57.4 Auldhouse 57.5
Skondia 58.3 Camlann 59.2 Freedom 60.7 Elix 60.8


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