Vehicular Grenade Launcher

Vehicular Grenade Launcher
Production information
Type Area Effect (One-Shot)
Tech Base Inner Sphere/Clan Advanced[1]
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight
Technical specifications
Heat 1
Damage Varies
Minimum Range -
Short Range -
Medium Range -
Long Range 1
Tons .5
Space Slots 1
Cost (unloaded) 10,000[2]
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Vehicular Grenade Launcher is a one-shot area-effect weapon commonly attached to combat vehicles, though they may also be carried by a wide variety of machines, from BattleMechs and conventional fighters to small craft and DropShips. Their popularity dropped off with the advent of 'Mechs and their limited one-shot nature, however their utility as an anti-infantry or defensive armament has ensured their continued use on modern units.[3]

The most common type of grenade launched is the fragmentation grenade, showering the target area in deadly shrapnel. Other types include smoke grenades for creating concealment and incendiary grenades for setting fires. The Draconis Combine introduced chaff grenades in 3052, which release a cloud of electromagnetic dust and high-intensity flares to confuse sensors, though their short duration means traditional electronic jamming remains the more popular choice.[4][5]



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