Velena Andropolous

Velena Andropolous
AffiliationWord of Blake
Green Ghosts

Velena Andropolous was a Word of Blake ROM agent and member of the Green Ghosts.[1]


She was born on Terra, on the island of Santorini to an archeologist and vulcanologist parents, and her youth was filled with endless talks of the famous Minoan Eruption. All that talk of death and destruction left her receptive to the Toyama recruiters who came to Santorini.

By the middle of the Jihad, she had become a skilled mech pilot with ROM, and her family background made her the perfect choice to lead the ROM team assigned to the Green Ghosts. After the fall of the Word of Blake, she transferred her loyalty to the Green Ghosts and became one of their key archeological resources.[1]

She participated in the 8th of April 3087 raid to an archeological dig on Stotzing, who deployed from a Colossus-class DropShip. The 1st Marik Protectors that were training the militia when Stotzing was raided by the Green Ghosts, who were after an old dig site of the original planet. The Stotzing Militia and the 1st Marik Protectors moved to defend the site.[2] After raiding the archeological site the Green Ghosts began their retreat to their DropShip. The Marik forces were bound and determined to not allow them to successfully escape. Near the Green Ghost landing zone the forces came together for their final clash.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

Velena can expand the search radius for archeological sites to a three hex-radius bubble around herself.[1]


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