Vengeance (Individual Stefan Amaris-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Previous names Gregory Amaris
Type WarShip
Class Stefan Amaris


The Stefan Amaris-class battleship RWRS Gregory Amaris was under construction in a shipyard in the Rim Worlds Republic along with a sister ship, the RWRS Terens Amaris, when the Star League Defense Force invaded the Rim Worlds Republic to secure a base of operations following the coup by Stefan Amaris that secured him control of the Terran Hegemony after the assassination of First Lord Richard Cameron II.[1]

The SLDF captured the shipyards and with them the Terens Amaris and Gregory Amaris; General Aleksandr Kerensky ordered the construction of both WarShips to be completed, making them the fourth and fifth battleships of the Stefan Amaris class to be constructed, as well as the last of the class to ever be produced. Each was then renamed and added to the SLDF black water navy; the Gregory Amaris was renamed the SLS Vengeance, while the Terens Amaris became the SLS Chieftain.[1]

After the conquest of the Rim Worlds Republic General Kerensky lead the SLDF on an invasion of the Amaris Empire, determined to liberate the worlds of the Terran Hegemony; this operation was named Operation CHIEFTAIN, and the Vengeance was directly involved in combat operations. In early 2775 General Kerensky directed that the SLDF would be attacking New Home, the first new system to be targeted in a year and a system very close to Terra, intending to use a strike against such a well-defended world deep in the Amaris Empire as a message for Stefan Amaris and his senior officers. General Kerensky accompanied the forces attacking New Home, as did the senior officer commanding the SLDF black water navy, Admiral Janos Grec, but the senior officer in charge of the naval battle in the system was Admiral Marina Akkayev-Cameron, commanding officer of the Fourth Fleet, and one of the vessels under her command was the Vengeance.[2]

The New Home campaign took advantage of Project NIKE, the high-priority development project to develop jamming equipment intended to reduce the effectiveness of the Caspar drone WarShips that formed a key part of the SDS network within the New Home system. Twenty-five ships were equipped with the equipment and proved invaluable, eroding the ability of the drones to work effectively to the point where all fifty-three Caspars assigned to protecting New Home itself were destroyed or taken out of action in under forty-five minutes after a portion of the SLDF WarShip fleet jumped in via a pirate point, and despite all of the Project NIKE-equipped ships suffering problems of varying degrees — ranging from loss of comms and sensors on the most lightly-affected ships to full system cascade failures that left an Aegis-class heavy cruiser and two Vincent-class corvettes dead in space — only four SLDF WarShips were destroyed. Of those four WarShips, two were the crippled Vincents.[2]

Admiral Akkayev-Cameron then led eighty WarShips equipped with Lithium-Fusion Batteries from her available forces to the nadir jump point to attack the drones and the small Rim Worlds Republic naval forces there; the Republican forces were caught flat-footed, and their force consisted of just four WarShips, six JumpShips and a number of DropShips to begin with; the Republicans were also flanked by forces from the SLDF Secret Fleet, who concentrated their efforts on the crewed Republican vessels while Admiral Akkayev-Cameron's WarShips battled the drones.[2] Despite the overall success of the naval campaign in the New Home system, the Vengeance was lost in action.[1]


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